Cancer-Battling Grandma Tries To Pay For Car, Manager Refuses Check

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A cancer-battling grandma, struggling to pay her bills, scraped together some money to put towards her repossessed car. It wasn’t much, but she hoped it was enough to keep the dealership from selling her vehicle. When she arrived, however, the manager refused her check and admitted what they had done.

Michelle England
Cancer-battling grandma Michelle England (Photo Credit: Keyona Campbell/Facebook)

Michelle England was admittedly struggling to pay her bills. And, it wasn’t easy with the many obstacles she faced. Sadly, she lost her car when it was repossessed by the dealership after she failed to pay her bill on time. Instead of trying to make excuses, though, Michelle pushed forward, trying to make ends meet.

There were legitimate reasons Michelle’s finances were in bad shape. The Ohio grandmother had beat breast cancer in 2014, only to have it return years later. While undergoing chemotherapy, Michelle was unable to work. And, without a steady income, making the payments on her house, car, and energy bill were a challenge, to say the least.

Michelle England
Cancer-battling grandma Michelle England, pictured with her son. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Michelle needed a place to live and electricity, so those payments took priority, leaving little for her car payment. Eventually, she came up short and her car was repossessed. Michelle then took the bus to her chemotherapy treatments, but the nearest stop was a 20-minute walk from her house, according to her daughter Keyona Campbell.

It was taking a toll on her already compromised condition, and she knew she had to get her car back. So, two weeks after the repossession, Michelle scraped together what she could and headed to Tri-State Auto Sales in Cincinnati, Ohio. A check for a mear $100 to put towards her car wasn’t much, but Michelle was hoping it would be enough to keep the dealership from selling her vehicle out from under her.

Tri-State Auto Sales (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

When she arrived, Michelle was greeted by the staff, who had known her for years and described her as “always smiling,” even when she struggled to make her payments. She approached them and explained that she wanted to put $100 towards her car, hoping they would hold off on selling it, even though it wasn’t the full amount due.

They wouldn’t accept her check. Instead, they admitted what they had done. Telling her to keep the $100, they said the dealership’s owner had paid off the car in full so Michelle could have it back. Their generosity didn’t end there, either. They filled the gas tank, replaced the tires, and even checked the fluids and brakes, WCPO reported.

Hearing the good news, Michelle England burst into tears. “This is all I could pay,” she said, holding the check. “And, they paid it all for me. This is just such a blessing. You guys, you just don’t know.”

The title to Michelle’s little gold Mercury was officially hers. But, that wasn’t the only good news she had. Her cancer was also in remission. “Just pray for me that it stays in remission,” she said. “Because if it comes back again, no more. No more chemo.”

Michelle England
Michelle England embraces the staff (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Michelle England
Michelle England embraces the staff (Photo Credit: YouTube)

When Michelle had trouble making payments in the past, she often spoke to the women at the dealership, who she affectionately called “my girls.” They often put her at ease, and for that, she is grateful too.

“When you go through breast cancer and you get somebody special in your life,” she said, “they were just angels for me.” Expressing her thanks, Michelle declared, “People might feel like nobody’s there for you, but, ya’ll, this is a prime example.”

Michelle England
The gesture left Michelle England in tears. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Michelle England was given the title to her Mercury. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The staff had noticed something admirable about Michelle England. They saw how hard she worked. They saw her determination and willingness to fight. They saw “something special” about her. She didn’t give up, so they didn’t give up on her and chose to throw her a much-needed lifeline, knowing the difference it would make. They proved there are good-hearted people in the world, who are more than willing to help those in need.

People like to know that their kindness and generosity won’t be in vain, but rather, it will be put to good use. Michelle proved that as she took responsibility for her situation, even though circumstances beyond her control put her there. Remember Michelle England when you too face obstacles. You don’t know who’s watching your fight and ready to be in your corner in a way you never imagined.

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