Mom Complains Toddler Can’t Sit In Grocery Cart, Manager Finds Solution

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A mom was having a difficult time shopping with her daughter since the disabled toddler couldn’t use the child seat of the shopping cart. The frustrated mother decided to approach the store manager, but she never expected his reaction. His response to her complaint left her absolutely stunned.

Melody Leach Says Disabled Girl Cannot Sit In Cart, Manager Responds
Melody Leach prepares to put her daughter in her wheelchair to go grocery shopping. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

For Melody Leach, going to the grocery store has never been a small chore. While most moms experience a bit of hassle, trying to wrangle their kids while completing the task, it was even worse for Melody since her 2-year-old daughter Beatrice has cerebral palsy and couldn’t sit or fit comfortably in a typical shopping cart, The Washington Post reported.

“One of her hips has dislocated so she has a hard time sitting on that surface,” explained the Loveland, Colorado mother, who quit her engineering job to stay home and care for her daughter. “She’s outgrown her stroller at this point, so I put her in her wheelchair and I take her in the store, and I can grab a basket and try to push this with one hand as I carry the basket.” If that sounds like it’s physically straining, you’re right.

Beatrice has cerebral palsy (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Melody Leach Says Disabled Girl Cannot Sit In Cart, Manager Responds
Melody Leach has to push the wheelchair while holding a basket in her free hand in order to grocery shop. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

But, Melody wasn’t the only one struggling through this arrangement. The physical demand of being in her wheelchair for too long has caused the little girl to experience seizures in the past. Unfortunately, it would normally take Melody an hour to complete a shopping trip, but since Beatrice could never tolerate being in her chair that long, the mom was forced to choose between making multiple, short trips to the store or hiring a nurses aide to babysit her daughter while she buys groceries.

Cerebral palsy isn’t Beatrice’s only obstacle either. The youngster also suffered bleeding in her brain when she was born prematurely at 33 weeks. “She can’t see very well and she can’t crawl, she can’t talk yet, and she’s legally blind,” Melody explained, listing the other challenges she must consider when she’s running errands with her daughter. So, to say this mundane task was a challenge is quite the understatement. But, not anymore.

Melody decided to share her struggles with Mike Myers, the assistant manager at Loveland King Soopers. But, she never expected his response. Six weeks after sharing Beatrice’s story with him, Mike surprised the mother-daughter duo with a special cart. “Beatrice’s Cart,” as it was quickly dubbed, featured an extra-large child’s seat with a five-point harness to keep the toddler secure. The seat faces the person pushing the cart, so Melody is also able to keep a close eye on Beatrice as she shops.

“It just makes the shopping experience better for this one shopper in particular and anyone who has special needs and needs that cart,” Myers explained. “Now, it’s available for them,” he continued, adding that he had a friend whose brother had cerebral palsy while growing up. And, as a dad himself, he couldn’t imagine having to face Melody’s challenges every time he needed to go to the grocery store.

Staff decorated “Beatrice’s Cart.” (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Beatrice and Melody were surprised with the new cart after the store employees decorated it with pink ribbons, balloons, and a sign covered in stickers that read, “Beatrice’s Cart.” The sight of her new ride brought a big smile to Beatrice’s little face. Her mom was overjoyed too.

“Oh my gosh!” Melody exclaimed as the pair was surrounded by grocery store employees who broke out in applause. “This’ll fit her forever,” she added as she looked at the cart for the first time, according to USA Today. “It’s like a princess wagon.” Thanks to the extra support the cart provides, Melody said it will help Beatrice relax during the previously tedious and difficult chore.

Melody Leach Says Disabled Girl Cannot Sit In Cart, Manager Responds
Beatrice in her new cart (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Admitting she’s just a single shopper from a single family, Melody Leach knows the store’s staff didn’t have to care or accommodate her and Beatrice in their struggle. That’s what makes the gesture all the more moving for the mother, who shook her head in disbelief as she tried to hold back her grateful tears.

Indeed, it often seems unnecessary to worry about something that seemingly only affects one person — until that one person is you. That’s when, like Melody, you understand the impact the decision to help can have. It might not change the world for everyone, but it does change the world for that one.

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