Megyn Kelly Slams Sally Field Over Apologizing For Being White

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Megyn Kelly slammed Sally Field, who was caught seemingly apologizing for growing up “a little white girl.” Kelly’s slapdown of the Oscar winner was described as “devastating.”

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly (Credit: Twitter)

Sally Field’s statements about her skin color enraged Megyn Kelly during her Sirius XM podcast. Field appeared to apologize for being white when accepting her Lifetime Achievement Award, telling her Hollywood peers in attendance that her struggle in life was “lightweight” because she was born white.

“I was a little white girl with a pug nose born in Pasadena, California,” Field said. “And when I look around this room tonight, I know my fight, as hard as it was, was lightweight compared to some of yours. I thank you. And I applaud you,” she added.

Sally Field accepting her Lifetime Achievement Award (Credit: YouTube)

Megyn Kelly didn’t like what she heard and blasted Field’s speech during her SiriusXM show. “News flash, white girls in America don’t have any troubles that are worth remembering when you’re in front of a group that has a lot of people of color. It’s such bologna,” Kelly said. “It’s such pathetic, obvious virtue signaling.”

“It’s ridiculous,” Kelly added. “Sally Field could get up there and say, ‘I came up with the industry where the casting couch was alive and well. That’s why we produced people like Harvey Weinstein, and too many women from Marilyn Monroe forward have had to be subjected to that nonsense in order to get on the big screen. So I’m grateful for the opportunities that I created for myself, and I nailed them. I did really well and I feel good about it.’”

Sally Field won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the 1979 film Norma Rae. (Credit: YouTube)

“She [Field] could’ve said something like that true to her personality,” Kelly continued. “No, she’s basically got to be like, ‘I’m the little white girl from Pasadena and I basically suffered nothing like you people did here in this room.’ How does she know? It’s so diminishing to people of color who are in the room. She just assumes that they are all oppressed? Why should she assume that they’ve all had it so bad?”

During the podcast, Kelly’s guest, Adam Carolla, said that entertainers are under pressure to remain relevant in Hollywood to keep their jobs. “Actors need employment, and as we’ve seen over the last few years, people will cancel anybody, and they’ll never come back,” the comedian/podcaster shared. “So, giving speeches about systemic racism makes you more employable, and that’s why… that’s what these people are doing.”

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly discussing Sally Field’s speech with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla (Credit: YouTube)

“Maybe you [Field] can help by stopping the continuation of dividing us all so much,” Carolla added. “Could you just shut up? Just f***ing say thank you, honestly.”

Many social media users agreed with Megyn Kelly and Adam Carolla’s take on Sally Field’s speech.

“She’s ashamed she’s white? Well, I am ashamed she’s white too,” posted one netizen. “What she said was actually racist. She judged ALL the black people in the room like they were less than and she is better.”

Another wrote, “CRAP – I’m a 75-year-old Caucasian who has had a lifetime of struggles and had nothing to do with my skin color.”

Another critic posted, “I cannot roll my eyes hard enough. Remember when she gave that silly speech, ‘You like me. You really like me.’ Ugh! Go away Sally Field. I don’t like you. I really, really don’t like you.”

After Sally Field’s Lifetime Achievement Award speech, some of her most loyal fans lost all respect for her. Unfortunately, these Hollywood people know that if they want to keep their jobs, they have to spew forth this divisive vitriol. For some of her former fans, Fields went on the boycott list.

People of every color should be happy when any person earns an award, promotion, or whatever. The recipient shouldn’t have to apologize or virtue signal for being recognized for their hard work. It’s insulting and downright condescending when they do, so just stop it, say thank you, and move on. It might also help the ratings for these awards shows.