Dan Bongino: ‘Absolute Smackdown On Those Looking To Destroy’

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Dan Bongino claimed he got “chills” listening to a “God-fearing” African-American politician. “This man is the real deal,” the Fox News host said about Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. In fact, Bongino called his words “the absolute smackdown on those looking to destroy this country.”

Dan Bongino (Credit: YouTube)

Dan Bongino decided to highlight part of a speech by North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. The Republican politician is the first African-American to hold that office. “I still get chills watching this,” Bongino wrote about Robinson’s video clip. “I’m telling you folks, this man is the real deal.”

The former Secret Service agent shared what he describes as Robinson’s “absolute smackdown” speech, which “brings down the house, ” delivered on July 4th, 2021. “I implore you to listen to the end,” Bongino declared. According to his about page, Robinson is an Army veteran who is “spreading a message of common-sense conservatism.”

Mark Robinson
Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (Credit: Screenshot)

“Young men and women have given their lives for this nation,” Robinson began as he addressed the audience. “All the way from the beginning to this moment. They did it so you could sit in those chairs and listen to me right now. They did it so I can stand here and speak without some jack-booted thug coming in here and throwing chains on me and dragging me away. They did it so this nation can remain free, and strong and proud and brave.”

“But when I think about it, guys, every time it brings tears to my eyes,” he added. “The way people have sacrificed for this nation. And then to hear people say this nation this not good enough. That this nation is less than. That this nation is racist—my God—what part of this country do you have to live in? Where you at in your mind to say that this is a racist nation? Where? Show it to me! Bring it to me. Lay it at my feet. Any person who thinks that this is a racist nation.”

Dan Bongino shared his thoughts on Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s speech. (Credit: Screenshot)

“Look here, I got a personal story to tell you,” Robinson said. “I’m standing right here and I’m looking at all these different faces and I see people that don’t look anything like me. Some embrace me in tears to tell me that they love me. And they don’t love me because I’m a black man or because I’m a white man. They love me because we share a heart. We share a heart for this nation. We’ve reached a point in this nation where we don’t care what you look like anymore. Just as long as you’re standing up for what’s right.”

“I’m telling you, as you stand there listening to me,” he said. “If you don’t think this is a fight, all you gotta do is turn on CNN for five minutes. So, what I’m gonna leave you with here tonight is this: It’s time to stand up and be strong. You know I said for many years if we just had a president who would stand up and say what needs to be said, he’d get something done. And we had one in number 45. We sure did. And he got some stuff done. Folks complained about how he did it but I’m gonna tell you it’s like this: Now is not the time to be soft-spoken and timid! Or afraid! Now is not the time to sit back and say well maybe we can negotiate.”

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson delivering his 4th of July speech (Credit: YouTube)

“We are in a battle for the soul of this nation!” Mark Robinson exclaimed. “For the literal soul of this nation. This nation is actually standing at a crossroads. And a giant semi-truck called Socialism is coming down the pike. Now is the time to stand up and say: ‘Wake up America! Wake Up!’ You are about to give away one of the greatest gifts God has ever given to humanity! You are about to give it away because you refuse to stand up like those who came before you!”

“It’s time for us to be unafraid, unashamed, and unabashed with the truth that we have in us,” he said. “And tell those Socialist bastards who want to destroy this nation: ‘You will not do it on my watch. You will not do it now. You will not do it ever! Because this is America and I don’t come from some weak and ineffective people. I come from people who survived the Middle Passage and the Potato Famine. Who survived World War I, and World War II, and Vietnam and Korea. Who survived the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Folks who survived 9/11. So, if you want this fight—you bring it.”

“Pay really close attention to him going forward,” Dan Bongino said of Mark Robinson at the end of the video clip. “Amen, brother Mark.” Robinson burst onto the scene in 2018 when he delivered an incredibly strong address to the Greensboro City Council defending the 2nd Amendment. This speech went viral and has been viewed over 200 million times.

There is no doubt Robinson is a powerful speaker, who cites his political platform as resonating with his constituents. Robinson won his election standing for protecting the life of the unborn, defending the 2nd Amendment, giving control over children’s education back to parents, standing up for law enforcement, addressing veterans’ care, and enacting election reform.