Camera Captures Crazy Cat-Lady’s Attempt To Silence Neighbor’s Dog

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One would think there isn’t any place safer for a family dog than their own fenced-in backyard. But, when you have a cat-loving neighbor, who’s annoyed by barking, that might not be the case as one family found out. While watching a home-surveillance video, they saw how the elderly woman next door tried to silence their noisy dog.

The walkway leading to the home of Margaret Werker is adorned with feline lawn ornaments. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Margaret Werker, a 73-year-old Colorado Springs woman, is a fan of cats. But, dogs? Not so much, it would seem. Although her home is decorated with felines, including a cat mailbox, she’s now been legally dubbed an enemy of animals after what she tried to do to her neighbor’s dog, and it was all caught on camera.

Werker had no choice but to plead guilty to aggravated animal cruelty charges after she was seen on video, trying to silence Wrigley, her neighbor’s dog. Fed-up with his barking, Werker stood by the fence separating her yard from the yard of the home where Wrigley lives. Authorities believe she had one goal in mind: End Wrigley’s barking by any means necessary.

Home-surveillance video captured Margaret Werker approaching the fence between her home and her neighbor’s while Wrigley is in his yard. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Margaret Werker
Margaret Werker is seen flinging something over the barrier. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Thinking no one would be none the wiser, the elderly woman launched her attack, attempting to fling contaminated meat over the barrier and into the yard where Wrigley was being held. But, things didn’t go as planned. Thanks to an ill-fated throw, Wrigley was spared any harm when the material got hung up on the top of the fence and never made its way to where he could reach it.

In the video provided by the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, Wrigley can be seen walking up to the fence, sniffing around at the ground as Werker’s head appears just above the barrier. She flings something over towards the dog, but the item gets stuck and remains hanging from the top of the fence — luckily for Wrigley.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman pleads guilty to animal cruelty

WOMAN CAUGHT ON CAMERA TRYING TO POISON DOG:A Colorado Springs woman pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. More on the story here:

Posted by KKTV 11 News on Thursday, July 18, 2019

Although it’s unclear whether the unnamed pet owner found the meat stuck on the fence, then watched the home’s surveillance footage, or if the video was seen first and then the poisoned substance was found, they had all the evidence they needed to call the cops. After seeing the scene unfold, the unnamed neighbor reported Werker to the police, alleging that she seemed to be trying to poison the dog.

With the video and the material that had been stuck to the fence, it was obvious Werker had malicious intent. A test would confirm those suspicions when it revealed that the meat, which was initially unidentified, was likely ground chicken and the results confirmed that it was soaked in antifreeze in hopes of poisoning Wrigley. After Werker was arrested, she admitted to trying to poison her neighbor’s dog with authorities saying they believed the motive was related to a “barking issue.”

“There were some concerns with some complaints about a barking dog in that area,” Lindsey Vigna, the Assistant Director for Law Enforcement, told KKTV. “We weren’t really ever able to pinpoint down who it was coming from. But, we believe that’s where it stemmed from, a barking issue.”

Although “poisoning cases can be very difficult to investigate and charge because usually there is very little evidence linking a suspect to the crime,” according to the humane society, “in this case, the victim had proof,” they furthered. “He had obtained video of his neighbor throwing a substance into his backyard, which later tested positive for poisonous material.”

Margaret Werker
Margaret Werker (Photo Credit: Colorado Springs Police Department)
Although her mailbox seems to indicate a love of cats, Margaret Werker has proved she’s no fan of barking dogs. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Margaret Werker was eventually arrested and booked while wearing a t-shirt with a cat on it, as seen in the booking photo. She pleaded guilty to aggravated animal cruelty, avoiding jail time with a deferred sentence. According to Daily Mail, she was ordered to donate $250 to the humane society.

It’s unfortunate that Margaret Werker avoided time behind bars. There wouldn’t be any dogs barking to bother her there, and it would give her plenty of time to consider her actions. Killing a living being is never an appropriate response to being annoyed. A barking dog can be bothersome, but regardless of how much frustration it may cause, we still must be decent human beings. When you try to kill, you no longer fit into that category. File a noise complaint or talk to your neighbor about the problem. If all else fails, get earplugs.

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