Doctor Found Guilty Of 90 Sex Offenses Against 24 Patients, Judge Rules

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Dubbed one of the most “perverted doctors” in history, a general practitioner was found guilty of 90 sex offenses against 24 female patients, some as young as 11. When it came time for his sentence, the judge was so appalled by the details that she made sure to make an example of him.

Manish Shah
A general practitioner has been convicted of 90 sex offenses against 24 victims. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

In one of the most disturbing cases of malpractice, a doctor who earned the title of “Britain’s most perverted doctor” and “master of deception” has finally been brought to justice. Manish Shah, 50, was found guilty of a laundry list of sadistic sexual offenses and medical torturous medical practices against female patients as young as 11, the Independent reports.

The London GP used his profession to not only subject his patients to unnecessary examinations for his own sexual gratification but also plied them by using their risk and fear of genetic diseases to convince them that they needed the procedures done.

Manish Shah
Manish Shah, 50, subjected his female victims to unnecessary, invasive examinations for his own sexual gratification. (Photo Credit: Metropolitan Police)

Shah was initially found guilty of 25 sexual offenses against 6 victims at Mawney Medical Centre, which occurred over a period of 5 years before he was caught. He was sentenced to serve at least 15 years behind bars. However, another trial saw a further 65 offenses toward 18 victims, leading Judge Anne Molyneux QC to hand Shah 3 consecutive life sentences with a minimum of 15 years in prison, according to News Shopper.

“You made up stories which got into heads and caused panic.” Judge Molyneux said. “You were a master of deception and you abused your position of power. This was a horrible abuse of trust and caused incalculable harm. The details show a pattern of behaviour over five years. Your behaviour was not only sexual but was driven by your desire to control and on occasions humiliate women.”

Shah used the high profile cases of celebrities Angelina Jolie, who underwent a preventative mastectomy, and Jade Goody, who died of cervical cancer, to instill fear in patients that they may have an underlying condition. He cited the examples in a bid to convince the female patients to allow him to perform unnecessary, invasive examinations on their breasts and genitals.

The doctor was sentenced to 3 consecutive life sentences with a minimum of 15 years in prison. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The court heard that Shah would tell women the examinations were in their best interest and would sometimes perform the procedures without gloves. During one examination, he left a female patient entirely naked on an examination table. Shah had become so confident in his malpractice that he even sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl behind a curtain while her father sat just feet away in the same room. He told young female patients that they were “pretty and beautiful” and commented that one of his victims was “tanned down there around the bikini line.”

According to another victim, Shah had a visible erection during her examination. Others recounted how he would rest his elbow on their knee and make small talk with them as they lay naked from the waist down with their legs splayed. Another woman said that Shah was “very smiley and overly happy in an unprofessional way” and was “getting pleasure from the examination.”

Manish Shah would perform invasive exams on female patients, some as young as 11, without gloves. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Despite the mounting evidence, Shah claimed that he had done nothing wrong, claiming that his methods were a form of “defensive medicine.” His attorney told the court that the doctor was a “cautious, insecure, perhaps at times incompetent GP” but wasn’t a “sex offender.”

Shah completed his medical training in 1997 and quickly became a popular practitioner. He soon earned the reputation for being “the kind of doctor who took time out to see his patients for more than the allotted 10 minutes.”

Manish Shah denies any wrongdoing and claims that he was merely engaging in “defensive medicine.” (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Shah still hasn’t taken any responsibility for the anguish and trauma he caused his female victims. In fact, he blames the National Healthcare System for having a “flawed” screening process and claims to have suffered mental anguish after his mother-in-law died of undiagnosed breast cancer.

Shah will serve at least 15 years in prison but could be behind bars for the rest of his life. Hopefully, he is prepared for the “examinations” that await him in federal prison.