VIDEO: Man Bashed In Head With Bricks, Falls Face-First To Sidewalk

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A video has garnered a lot of attention on various social media platforms after a man was captured being bashed in the head with bricks in broad daylight and falling face-first to the sidewalk. Perhaps more disturbing, however, is what observers recording the incident did after it unfolded.

head bricks
A disturbing video captured a man being bashed in the head with bricks in Baltimore. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A disturbing video captured the moment a man was bashed in the back of the head with bricks on a Sunday evening in Baltimore, Maryland. Although the police reportedly hadn’t found the victim or suspect following the broad-daylight assault and the details were slim, that didn’t stop the video from going viral across multiple platforms.

The video shows an unnamed man crossing a street as another man sneaks up behind him. Without warning, the second man bashes the victim in the back of his head with bricks, causing him to fall face-first into the sidewalk. The terrifying incident is difficult to watch, but what makes it even worse is what those observing and recording did in response. Watch and listen:

Just before the victim was hit in the head, a voice — presumably from one of the people recording the video from across the street — can be heard whispering, “b*tch you bet’ not run.” After the man was bashed in the back of the head with the bricks and fell to the sidewalk, where he laid motionless, at least two observers recording the incident howled and laughed in response.

After laughing, one person squeals, “Oh my God, he’s done!” as the victim remained motionless on the sidewalk after the man who hit him ran off. No one appears to render any aid to the man who was violently assaulted. A witness did, however, call the police. According to the witness, he heard a loud argument between the two men before the attack occurred.

head bricks
A man falls face-first to the sidewalk after being bashed in the head with bricks. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
head bricks
As the victim lays motionless on the ground, observers hoot, holler, and laugh. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The Baltimore police responded to the scene, but neither the victim nor the suspect was there. Officers did, however, observed a pool of blood on the north sidewalk. The police report said the attack took place just after 6:30 p.m. Sunday on the 100 block of West Hamburg Street, but as of the following afternoon, they had not yet located the victim or suspect, The Blaze reported.

According to the witness, who called the police, the first man began to walk away following the loud verbal argument. The witness said the other man picked up two bricks, approached the first man from behind, and hit him in the head. After the attack, the suspect ran from the scene toward the Sharp Leadenhall Apartments.

According to a witness, the suspect ran toward the Sharp Leadenhall Apartments. (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The witness told the police that he doesn’t know the victim or the suspect. Police said the victim is white and the suspect is black, sparking discussion across social media. Although it was soon deleted, the video was apparently posted to Instagram but it isn’t clear whether the Instagram user who posted it also recorded it or if they know either of the men involved in the incident.

That didn’t stop him from being lambasted by Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire, who took issue with the original Instagram caption. “The man who uploaded this video to Instagram is @traysavage_. He captions it ‘white lives don’t matter,'” Walsh wrote. “I don’t know if this scumbag is the guy who carried out the attack or if he just found the video. He’s a scumbag either way,” he continued.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire chimes in on the brick attack. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

“Just more race based violence against white people that we can all pretend isn’t happening,” Walsh added. “Here’s the caption. The Instagram post has been taken down,” he wrote, sharing a screenshot of the Instagram post in question.

Other social media users shared Walsh’s sentiments, expressing shock after viewing the appalling video. “Buy more guns. Defend yourself. No one is going to do it for you,” one commenter wrote as another chimed in to add, “The laughter after it happens is chilling.”

A screenshot of the Instagram post (Photo Credit: Twitter)

“The number of these types of ambushes is horrifying! So what do we do now, just film this s**t, post online, and do nothing? I haven’t seen/heard anything about this man’s condition or if anyone helped him,” yet another commenter wrote. “If this is the New America so many are calling for, we’re doomed.”

“This is disgusting,” another commenter said. “These animals need to be found, prosecuted, and put away for a long time. Why do that to any living being?” That’s a good question, but sadly, there isn’t a good answer. There is no justification for escalating a verbal disagreement with this kind of violence. And, there’s no excuse for those who take amusement in it, either.