Trusted Kindergarten Teacher Forced Texas Student To Eat His Own Feces

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In a story that’s not only hard to believe but also downright disturbing, a trusted kindergarten teacher allegedly forced one of her Texas students to eat his own feces. After subjecting the child to the disgusting mistreatment, she’s been charged — but is it enough?

Few Primary School in Jasper, Texas (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Mamie Robinson Aplon, a 67-year-old teacher, was taken into police custody after allegedly making one of her young students at Few Primary School in Jasper, Texas, eat his own feces in her kindergarten class. The longtime kindergarten teacher was arrested for mistreating the child, whose name and age has not been revealed and who has only been identified as “E.J.” But, perhaps more shocking than the accusations against Aplon is what she was charged with doing.

According to Jasper ISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Hyden, the incident was reported to campus administrators the day it allegedly happened. Authorities were immediately notified, and Aplon was placed on administrative leave. In addition to informing the Jasper Police Department, Child Protective Services were also made aware of the incident.

“The alleged incident was reported to campus administrators on the day of the incident and the district immediately placed the teacher on administrative leave and informed the Jasper Police Department and Child Protective Services,” Jasper ISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Hyden said. “The district has cooperated fully during the investigation of this matter and will continue to do so.”

Mamie Robinson Aplon was indicted by a Jasper County grand jury over the incident and arrested. The indictment alleged that Aplon “intentionally” subjected E.J. to mistreatment that she “knew was unlawful, namely causing E.J. to eat his own feces.” Sadly, the teacher only faces a Class A misdemeanor charge of “official oppression” — a crime in which a public servant intentionally mistreats a victim, 12 News Now reported.

The indictment added that the teacher was “acting under the color of her employment as an educator,” according to KFDM. Aplon was arraigned, and County Judge Mark Allen set her bond at $10,000. She was reportedly released on bail.

Mamie Robinson Aplon Trusted Kindergarten Teacher Forced Texas Student To Eat His Own Feces
Mamie Robinson Aplon (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“As this is a sensitive student and personnel matter, the district cannot provide further details about the incident. However, the issue of the safety and well-being of Jasper students is our top priority,” Dr. Hyden said in his statement, according to KHOU 11. While he might not be able to comment further, there were many others who had plenty to say about the ordeal as Aplon’s actions were met with fierce backlash online.

“This is so disgusting, depraved indifference, and sick to the core. This is not indicative of what it takes to be a good, caring, teacher. Nobody’s Child should [have] had to endure this demented form of pure unfitness, in a role that was supposed to remain equal, honorable, & fair!” one furious Twitter user remarked.

Mamie Robinson Aplon Trusted Kindergarten Teacher Forced Texas Student To Eat His Own Feces
Mamie Robinson Aplon (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Shockingly, friends and well-wishers rallied in support of Aplon, despite the charge. The educator has been described as a compassionate teacher who “loves all of her students.” Most who know her say they do not believe what’s been reported.

“I had the pleasure of two years of recess with this lady and she sure did teach me a lot about teaching,” one fellow teacher wrote, according to The Sun. “She always loved her kids so much! In fact, in the summer following my first year teaching she enlisted my help for her project of feeding students that summer. Kids called her saying they were hungry and she fed them.”

A fellow teacher expresses support of Mamie Robinson Aplon (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Others rally in support of Mamie Robinson Aplon (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Making matters worse, Aplon’s father is the late R.C. Horn, the former Mayor of Jasper. If the allegations are true, the idea that a teacher and someone who should know what it means to be a pillar of the community could abuse her position of power to such an extent is more than just unsettling, it’s disgusting.

The fact that such heinous behavior is punished with a slap on the wrist is even more infuriating. For the “significant mistreatment” of a child, Mamie Robinson Aplon only faces up to a year in jail and a fine of $4,000 if she’s found guilty. That hardly seems like a stiff enough punishment if a trusted adult abuses their position, causing a child to do something that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

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