Behar Says White People Must Pay Reparations, Black Guest Fires Back

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Joy Behar claimed “white people don’t want to admit they did something wrong” and it’s time they “take responsibility and pay reparations.” So, it surprised many when an African-American guest co-host strongly disagreed and fired back.

Joy Behar discussing Critical Race Theory on The View (Credit: YouTube)

Lindsey Granger, an African-American journalist and TV host, confronted the ladies of The View on their support for Critical Race Theory (CRT), telling them black people are “not victims.” CRT claims that America is fundamentally racist, and its supporters pursue “antiracism” through the end of a merit-based system, objective truth, and the adoption of race-based policies.

Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and the rest of the panel began discussing Jamaica’s support for earning slavery reparations from the United Kingdom, leading them to call for the United States to pay reparations and teach CRT. Behar said the country — particularly white people — do not want to teach CRT due to the nation having to admit to wrongdoing.

Lindsey Granger
Lindsey Granger on The View (Credit: YouTube)

Behar also said it’s time for reparations. “They haven’t even paid reparations to Native Americans in this country,” she declared. “It’s not going to happen so fast. I’m just saying, people don’t want to admit that they did something wrong, especially white people. White people don’t want to take responsibility for what they did in this country.”

Lindsey Granger disagreed with Joy Behar, saying that Americans should learn about “black excellence” rather than victimization. Granger also strongly believes that it should be up to parents what is taught in schools and that CRT is a political agenda — not an objective history lesson. “It’s a whole different conversation about critical race theory,” Granger interjected.

Lindsey Granger
Sunny Hostin pushes back at Lindsey Granger on The View (Credit: YouTube)

“I don’t think it’s related, because if we talk about Critical Race Theory … my whole conversation yesterday was about teaching about black excellence. I want to see that be the first issue on your agenda, on your agenda,” Granger said, pointing to the other hosts. “Because I want to see black people thrive. We are not victims. Ok? Even though we have been victimized, we are not victims,” she added.

“We are here to grow and there’s beauty in us and we’re winning out here,” Granger continued. “Black people are beautiful, so I want to see that more often. And I don’t want to constantly tell my six-month-old daughter that she’s a victim,” she said before Whoopi Goldberg cut to commercial, but the conversation resumed after the break, as seen in the clip below.

“Granger criticized the education system for narrowing in on slavery and victimhood regarding African-American history. She raised the fact that Africans invented the vaccination process, but that these positive aspects are not being taught to American children,” Daily Caller reported, summarizing the guest co-host’s arguments against CRT.

However, Joy Behar pushed back against Granger, claiming CRT is “history.” Co-host Sunny Hostin also shook her head at the guest co-host’s remarks and alleged that the Republican agenda wants to bar lessons on black excellence and that Granger is “parroting their talking points.” Hostin then told Granger that she is “buying into” claims that CRT is being taught in primary-level classrooms.

The View cohosts with guest Lindsey Granger discuss Critical Race Theory (Credit: YouTube)

“We have to acknowledge that parents are asking to be involved in this conversation,” Granger declared. “Parents should have a choice to decide what is taught to their kids.” That’s what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also believes. He announced a “first of its kind in the nation” legislation to combat both woke corporations and Marxist ideologies in schools and places of employment across the Sunshine State.

“[CRT] also based on false history when they try to look back and denigrate the Founding Fathers, denigrate the American Revolution, doing all these different things that even very liberal historians say is not supported by the facts,” the governor said during a press conference in Pensacola, adding that civics should be a priority and must be “taught accurately.”