Man Out On Bail Allegedly Guns Down Cop At Shake Shack, Nurse Reacts

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An extraordinarily brave traveling nurse leapt into immediate action when she heard multiple gunshots while inside a Shake Shack restaurant. The terrified nurse found a plain-clothes detective badly bleeding on the ground, clinging to life. Making matters worse, this never had to happen.

Lindsey Adams
Police responded to Shake Shack to start their investigation in the officer-involved shooting. (Credit: YouTube)

Traveling nurse Lindsey Adams had arrived at a Milwaukee-area Shake Shack to pick up her food when she saw two people struggling inside the restaurant. She then heard multiple gunshots. Rather than run away, she jumped into action, even though Adams admitted that she was “terrified.”

“Adams said she knew she had to rush in to help the officer — who witnesses say tried to stop the suspect from mugging a woman inside the restaurant — and that it was God’s plan that put her in that very moment to save his life,” The Blaze reported. “The nurse said that [although] the officer was grievously injured, he was only concerned about getting the dangerous suspects off of the streets.”

Lindsey Adams
Nurse Lindsey Adams (left), Milwaukee Shack Shack (right) (Credit: Screenshot, YouTube)

The hero cop was identified as Detective Andrew Wilkiewicz. He is lucky to be alive. The seven-year veteran detective suffered four gunshot wounds and was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. After a stint in the hospital, the detective was able to go home, Fox News reported.

“[To] get out of this kickin’ and have all your friends, family and coworkers here is something special. It’s really amazing, everybody that reached out,” Wilkiewicz said. “Just glad to be going home.” After an intense investigation by Milwaukee police, detectives were able to charge three individuals. The alleged shooter was  Kaesean Ellis-Brown, 19, and his accomplices were identified as Dionta’e Hayes, 18, and Timonte Karroll-Robinson, 17.

Detective Andrew Wilkiewicz waves to well-wishers as he leaves the hospital. (Credit: Screenshot)

Reports confirm Keasean Ellis-Brown, the alleged shooter of the police detective, was out on $1,000 bail for another very serious felony case. The second suspect, Dionta’e Hayes, also had a pending felony case in Milwaukee County for which he was released by the same court commissioner, Grace Flynn, on a $500 signature bond.

Milwaukee Police Association President Andrew Wagner addressed the policies that allowed this situation to happen. “While off duty, one of our detectives observed a citizen in distress being violently assaulted by criminals. The Detective then acted heroically on his sworn oath and tried to intervene,” Wagner said. “While attempting to handle the situation, our Detective was shot by these violent criminals with no regard for human life. We commend our detective for taking swift action, without hesitation and putting the safety of the community above his own personal safety.”

Dionta’e Hayes, Timonte Karroll-Robinson, and Keasean Ellis-Brown (Credit: Milwaukee Police Dept.)

“The violence needs to stop,” Wagner declared. “We must start holding criminals accountable for their actions. We must start putting victims’ rights first. We had a formula that worked in the past to reduce crime and enhance the qualify of life for our residents. It is time we abandoned this experiment of a holistic approach to policing. We need to (RE) fund our department to staffing levels that will reduce crime. We need to have strict prosecution of crimes with cash bail. We need to open our courts and jail systems to full capacity and let us get back to the very fundamental principle of policing, putting bad people who prey on good people in jail,” he continued.

“The incident with our detective hits home,” the police association president added. “But our officers see this day in and day out, inside neighborhoods in this city. We know the violence plaguing our city right now has left countless victims like our detective in its wake.” This is not the first time Commissioner Grace Flynn’s actions provoked controversy. The commissioner made national news when she set bail at $1,000 for Milwaukee serial bank robber suspect Omarion Jones, and he was out on the streets within seven days. Flynn also was blasted by a judge after she gave a psychotic career criminal a signature bond who caused a police standoff.