Pimp Dismembers Girlfriend, Freezes Head — Murder Charges Rejected

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A New York City pimp confessed to chopping up his girlfriend’s body and keeping parts of her as souvenirs, including saving her head in his freezer. However, once it came time for sentencing, the victim’s family cried out in shock when the court dropped the murder charges.

Leondra Foster Pimp Dismembers Girlfriend Keeps Head In Freezer Court Rejects Murder Charges
The dismembered torso of Leondra Foster was recovered from a Bronx waste station. (Photo Credit: Provided)

While unloading heaps of trash at a Bronx waste station, a sanitation worker stumbled upon the most gruesome find of his lifetime. Buried underneath piles of rotting rubbish was a woman’s mutilated torso with every appendage removed except for a single leg. After an exhausting search, police identified the dismembered corpse as 32-year-old Leondra Foster, who had worked as a prostitute.

Investigators soon discovered that Foster’s boyfriend and pimp, 43-year-old Somorie “Sugar Bear” Moses, had intimidated a friend, who made a living as a private trash hauler, to dispose of the torso. Disturbingly, police would find out what happened to the missing body parts after the notorious pimp was in custody.

“I have a favor to ask,” he allegedly wrote. “I want to get rid of some garbage. You better help me or you’re going to end up like her,” Moses allegedly warned him.

NYC pimp Somorie Moses confessed to cutting up Leondra Foster and keeping her head, hands, and feet in his freezer. (Photo Credit: NY State Division of Criminal Justice Services)

According to the New York Post, Moses had cut up his girlfriend’s body with a rip saw, leaving just her torso and leg intact. As for her head, hands, and feet, the police uncovered the severed pieces under a pile of frozen food in the pimp’s apartment freezer. However, despite finding the dismembered limbs, blood splatter, and the used rip saw in his home, Moses would later dodge all murder charges in a controversial court ruling.

Jurors in Brooklyn criminal court convicted Moses of negligent homicide and concealing a corpse but acquitted him of second-degree murder charges because he was a “businessman” and there was no way he’d kill his “moneymaker.” Within an hour and a half, jurors decided that there was not enough evidence to prove that the pimp was the one who killed Foster.

“Mr. Moses cut up her body,” Julie Clark told the Brooklyn jury. “He didn’t want to go to jail. He didn’t want to be blamed. He had no motive to kill his moneymaker.”

“He’s a businessman and I submit to you that a businessman does not like to lose money,” Clark told jurors during closing arguments.

Leondra Foster Pimp Dismembers Girlfriend Keeps Head In Freezer Court Rejects Murder Charges
A Brooklyn jury acquitted Somorie Moses of murder after the convict’s attorney argued that he was a “businessman” who wouldn’t kill his “moneymaker.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

A team of medical examiners determined that Leondra Foster ultimately died of blunt force trauma to her head. Since the beginning of the trial, Moses’ lawyer admitted that her client had dismembered Foster but insisted that he was merely cleaning up after an unidentified sex work customer allegedly beat the woman to death.

“Oh my God! It’s not right,” Foster’s sister, Shanicqua Figueroa, shouted through sobs after charging out of the courtroom. “That’s not right!”

Clark told the court that Moses chopped up Foster’s body because he “didn’t want to be blamed” for her death. She claims that the victim was violently beaten by a client before stumbling into the bathroom of Moses’ Flatbush apartment and falling unconscious. Clark concluded that Moses beat the attacker but panicked when he realized that his prostitute girlfriend had died, the New York Daily News reports.

“They threw that woman out like she was a piece of trash,” said Clark. “But at least Mr. Moses admits what kind of person he is.”

Leondra Foster Pimp Dismembers Girlfriend Keeps Head In Freezer Court Rejects Murder Charges
Leondra Foster’s loved ones were sickened by the court’s ruling. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

The prosecution argued that what happened to Foster was far worse than Moses claimed. Assistant District Attorney Sabeeha Madni accused the pimp of threatening the victim, forcing her into a life of prostitution, and ultimately beating her to death.

“He cut her up into nine pieces and threw her out with the trash,” Madni said. “He wants you to believe that her other injuries happened in some other mysterious way.”

Phone records provided evidence for the prosecution’s argument, including messages from Moses saying that he would “make her eyes close forever” and warning, “I will get you. Not how you expect and not when you expect.” Additionally, the records show that Foster was still alive when the allegedly violent client left Moses’ apartment.

“There is overwhelming evidence that he committed this crime,” she said, pointing to Moses. “He exploited her body every day for profit, and he admitted to that. He kept her in check through violence, he beat her.”

Somorie Moses faces just 4 years in prison for negligent homicide and concealment of a corpse. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Somorie Moses faces a maximum sentence of 4 years in prison. Understandably, his victim’s loved ones believe that he should’ve been convicted of murder for the untimely death of Leondra Foster.

Moses was never convicted of the lifestyle he chose, which ultimately led to Foster’s murder. Of course, it’s safe to say that a couple of years in prison won’t be enough to cause the NYC pimp to choose another profession once he’s released.

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