VIDEO: Man Investigates Old House On Wooded Lot, Gets Shock Of His Life

Years after purchasing a wooded lot, a man decided to finally check out his property. To his shock, he learned the woods were hiding an old abandoned house. That’s when he decided to investigate.

Len Farneth bought a wooded lot only to later discover there was an abandoned house on it. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Len Farneth bought a few properties at a tax auction when he discovered they were selling for well below their worth. One was a wooded Virginia lot for a mere $300, which he quickly gobbled up although he didn’t have any immediate plans for it. When he finally decided to venture out and take a closer peek at the property years later, he was surprised by the neighbor, who informed him that there was an abandoned house on the property. Hearing the news, he decided to investigate, recording what he found on video.

According to the first video of a multi-part series, which Len later uploaded to YouTube, Len and his soon-to-be ex-wife were in the middle of a divorce and figuring out how to divide their belongings — their many properties included. Since they had bought the land some time ago for the purpose of a future sale at a much higher price, he decided to go out and see exactly what the property had to offer. What he found would be revealed in his series of videos from the property.

After showing up at the property, the neighbor gave Len Farneth the news, but he was initially unable to trudge through the woods to locate the structure. The parcel was landlocked in the woods, among 50 or so acres of forest, so he had to get permission and find the best way in. Rather than wait, he decided to go with a more high-tech option. Len deployed the use of a drone and was actually able to find the abandoned two-story home via aerial footage as seen above.

Unfortunately, the first peek at the house wasn’t enough to satisfy Len Farneth’s inquisitive mind — nor the curiosity of the viewers he’d intrigued on YouTube. So, he ventured back later, equipped with a camera, to investigate the house firsthand. According to OffGrid Quest, it was “covered with thickets and growth, this house looks tailor-made for a horror movie set.”

The property was like the set of a horror film in more ways than one. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Len Farneth decided to investigate the house further. (Photo Credit: YouTube)
Len Farneth went in for a closer look. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The only information Len Farneth offers on the house’s history during the first two videos is the fact that a man used to live in the home during the 60s. Beyond that, not much was known. But, it appeared nothing had been touched for about 30 years as there are old bottles and other litter scattered around the house.

The sight of the abandoned house alone is somewhat unnerving. However, the creepiest part comes at about 2:38 mark in the video below, where Farneth learns he’s not alone. After venturing up the stairs to show viewers what the upper level of the home looked like, he heard a sound coming from the partially exposed attic.

With a quick expletive, Len Farneth shoots down the stairs a short distance before saying that it was more than likely just a woodland creature, such as a raccoon. He then proceeds to show off the rest of the home’s exterior as well as point out some of the things he found on the ground.

With the popularity of his videos, especially the second one, in particular, Len brought his YouTube viewers a third video for his “free abandoned house” series. Although it’s not as visually appealing, he reveals more of the story behind the house, which he eventually learned from the neighbor.

According to the neighbor, the home once belonged to a man named Waylan Nelson, who lived in the residence with his wife. Waylan’s brother Eugene also lived close by. Eventually, the Nelsons rented the house to a family only identified as the Martins. Perhaps the most interesting revelation, though, was that Len’s “free abandoned house” was surrounded by unmarked graveyards.

The house has even been called the Blair Witch house, after the popular movie, as locals claim it’s haunted. Intrigued, Len followed up with his neighbor in yet another video, wanting to hear more about the ghostly tales from the property.

Allegedly, an undertaker, only identified as Brown, lived in the immediate area in the 1800s. When people couldn’t afford a typical funeral and cemetery plot, they were allegedly buried on the surrounding property. If the graves were ever marked, it was with wooden markers, which are now long gone, leaving Len’s abandoned home surrounded by many unmarked graveyards. If that wasn’t enough to give Len chills, the neighbor also said the area was haunted, with people reporting getting slapped by unseen presences at night.

Along with receiving unexplained marks, they also witnessed doors slamming and “that kind of thing,” the neighbor added as he revealed that the land had been inhabited by both Indians, with arrowheads often found, as well as early English, with clay pipes also discovered. Although the house seems to have simply been forgotten in time, this turned out to be an incredible find. Len definitely got his money’s worth since the stories about the property alone are priceless.