Woman Complains Disneyland ‘Body-Shamed’ Her For Her Outfit

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An attractive woman became upset after getting “dress-coded” when she visited Disneyland. However, she got blasted after complaining that the staff at the Magic Kingdom had body-shamed her when they deemed her outfit “inappropriate” for the family-friendly amusement park.

Lacy Kay Somers
Lacy Kay Somers (Credit: Screenshot)

Lacy Kay Somers made headlines after the Instagram influencer complained about her experience visiting Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The San Francisco model said she was “body-shamed” by amusement park staff for wearing a pair of form-fitting yoga pants and a revealing crop top that exposed her stomach.

A video describing her alleged dress code violation has received thousands of views and comments as people chimed in and expressed their opinions on her situation. “I got hit for dress code at Disneyland,” declared Somers, who often shares provocative bikini photos with her millions of followers on Instagram.

Lacy Kay Somers posted a video about the dress code violation at Disneyland (Credit: TikTok)

In the accompanying footage, captioned “What I do tho” along with the hashtag #bodyshaming, Somers can be seen dancing around in black leggings and a tight crop top that shows off her bare midriff before Disney staffers arrived to question her about her clothes.

The Magic Kingdom’s dress code prohibits “clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment.” Many social media users disagreed with Somers’ perspective on the dress code event when she posted her disbelief and fury about the situation and claimed she was body-shamed.

One critic said, “That is not body shaming it is clothing shaming. She body-shamed herself by wearing skin-tight clothes that expose a lot.”

Another social media user said, “She’s causing people to be uncomfortable. In this ‘woke’ world, if ONE PERSON is offended, then ALL PEOPLE have to abide. Put some clothes on.”

One commenter told Somers to “go buy a shirt then,” to which she responded, “Lol have you ever been to the beach? Lol you see a lot more there there is nothing wrong with what I’m wearing lol.” She also insisted that she was “fully covered.”

One netizen remarked, “The problem is that you WEREN’T at the beach. You were at Disneyland, and they have a dress code. I feel you are just trying to gain more followers by doing this.”

“Disneyland asks you not to expose skin by wearing a sports bra,” one critic posted. “It’s not a big request. It’s not a difficult request to comply with. You can go on to show your midriff and fun bags when you leave. What does it say about you that you can’t enjoy yourself unless others are admiring your body. I think people like this woman are very sad indeed.”

However, some social media users didn’t see an issue with Somers’ outfit and agreed with her perspective on the dress code violation.

“I feel like I’ve seen girls wearing less there, that’s odd. They’re just hatin!” one sympathizer posted.

Another wrote, “Well you do look hot/sexy but not enough to cause a problem.”

While one fan added, “You got hit for jealousy!”

This comes after Disneyland was targeted by a viral TikTok trend in which people purposely wore inappropriate clothing so that the park would provide a free T-shirt for them to cover up. However, it seems like the Magic Kingdom has discovered the trick. With people trying to manipulate amusement parks into giving them free stuff, is it any wonder why admission tickets have gotten so expensive?

Your dress code on your private property is your choice, but when you go to an amusement park, they get to make the rules, and they apply to everyone, no matter how “hot” you think you look. This is yet another example of so-called social media stars and how the quest for fame in the twenty-first century has become so absurd and selfish.