VIDEO: Terrified Utah Hiker Films Cougar Stalking Him

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A terrifying encounter was captured on camera after a man unknowingly stumbled upon a mama mountain lion’s cubs. The frightened Utah hiker filmed the cougar as the animal stalked him, and the heart-pounding video has since gone viral.

Kyle Burgess
Kyle Burgess pictured with a friend (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kyle Burgess was hiking in Utah when he encountered a terrifying, potentially life-threatening ordeal after finding what he “thought were bobcats on the trail during a run,” he explained on YouTube. Unfortunately for Burgess, it turns out they weren’t bobcats at all, but rather cougar cubs and their mother was not happy to see him. For six long and frightening minutes, the mama mountain lion made that perfectly clear.

Realizing the cougar was stalking him after he unknowingly stumbled on her cubs, Burgess began to record the “very scary encounter,” capturing the mountain lion’s aggressive behavior as the hiker attempted to flee. Walking backward and back up the gravel trail, Burgess kept his camera pointed at the large cat as he let out a few choice words, fearing he was done for.

“Oh, f*ck!” Kyle Burgess is heard saying on camera in the footage as he realizes the wild mother cat is starting to follow him and he begins to film her while trying to hurry back down a trail in Slate Canyon near Provo on a Saturday, according to the local news outlet KUTV. Breathing heavily and futilely trying to scare the cougar with weak roars, Burgess stumbles along the gravel path.

“Please go away!” the terrified hiker shouts at the cat. “I’m big and scary!” the man declares as he makes loud noises, trying to convince the cougar that he’s a threat as the cat lunges at him, raising herself on her hind legs, baring her teeth and claws at him, and violently batting at the ground in front of him at times. “You’re a good little kitty,” Burgess says before muttering a few expletives again, the NY Post reported.

Kyle Burgess records the mountain lion as she stalks him, baring her teeth and claws at times. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!” Burgess yells, obviously frightened for his life. “Where’s my gun?’” he adds in obvious exasperation and fear. “OK, this is where I f*cking die,” he continues, believing this is the moment of no return. Luckily, the cougar seemingly decided it had better plans, and after a torturous six minutes, she nonchalantly decides she’s done toying with the hiker and stops following him.

Burgess uploaded the frightening footage to YouTube and posted it on Instagram, writing on the latter, “Sorry, not sorry for the language. I thought I was done for!” Commenters seemed to understand, as many chimed in to express their relief that Burgess and the big cat both made it out of the ordeal alive.

Kyle Burgess
As the cat lunges at Kyle Burgess, he thinks he’s done for. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

“I always carry in the mountains,” one such social media user remarked. “Fortunately both you and the Mt. Lion got back to your families!! People and [animals] are the most deadly when they feel their kids are in danger,” he added, and he’s right. The most dangerous place you can find yourself on this earth is between a mother and her child, especially when she fears for the safety of her offspring.

Kyle Burgess definitely got lucky as he walked away shaken but unscathed. Let this be a lesson for the rest of us. Nature can be a dangerous place, and we should always be prepared to defend ourselves from whatever may be lurking nearby — ready and able to hurt us. We shudder to think what could have happened if the mountain lion hadn’t so easily lost interest. Next time, this hiker might want to consider carrying a weapon, should the need to protect himself arise.