Woman Sparks Outrage By Wearing ‘Inappropriate’ Swimsuit

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Families with young children were innocently enjoying the attractions at a water park when a woman sparked outrage with her attire. The young lady’s swimsuit bottoms became infamous online, which many parents said were “totally inappropriate” in the family-friendly setting.

Kim Stram
Kim Stram was enjoying the waterpark until she saw this woman. (Photo Credit: TikTok)

Kim Stram took her family to an unidentified water park and recorded a video of one particular woman who chose to wear an attention-grabbing swimsuit, and the video became the subject of a major debate. Many internet viewers were outraged by the footage, which was posted to TikTok and viewed millions of times.

Stram’s footage showed a young woman in a wave pool. The woman was dressed in a flesh-colored swimsuit with nearly no back. With her buttocks on full display, it left little to the imagination. “Is this appropriate for a family waterpark or NOT?” Stram asked in the video, which sparked multiple discussions online.

Kim Stram
An unidentified woman sparked outrage after she was filmed wearing a skimpy swimsuit at a family-friendly waterpark. (Photo Credit: TikTok)

Several small children were seen playing around the barely dressed woman. It’s difficult to say whether any of them were negatively impacted by her choice of swimwear. Hundreds of internet viewers were outraged by the woman, suggesting she should dress more modestly in the sight of youngsters.

“Totally inappropriate and they do it just to cause controversy,” wrote one viewer.

Another commentator claimed, “It’s called having respect for others and their families. This world doesn’t have it anymore.”

“It definitely isn’t appropriate and for those of you saying kids don’t care, you’re part of the problem,” another disgusted viewer blasted. “Kids follow what they [see and] think is ok,” they added

A foorth person fired off, “If a man wore a skin-tight speedo with kids eye level, everyone would be mad as hell.”

One commenter defended the swimsuit and suggested that women go topless at the beach in many cultures, but another critic wasn’t buying that as an excuse.

“This has nothing to do with culture,” they wrote. “This is someone who just needs to be the center of attention at all times and should have quietly been asked to leave immediately. We don’t do topless or bottomless in the USA!”


Meanwhile, some viewers showed support for the woman in the swimsuit and blasted Kim Stram for recording the unsuspecting woman without her consent.

“Recording and shaming people is very disrespectful. I don’t understand how people think it’s ok,” one stated.

Another enthusiast chimed in to suggest, “If you got the body, rock it!”

This was not the only woman who received harsh criticism for how she dressed at a water park. Coco Austin, Ice-T’s wife, was chastised when she was photographed wearing a skimpy swimsuit to the pool with her six-year-old daughter. Austin shared the photos on her Instagram account.

The rapper’s wife was accused of being dressed “inappropriately” while splashing about with her daughter after posting a series of poolside photos from Baha Bay Water Park. According to the New York Post, the mother and daughter donned matching pink and blue swimsuits for the water park adventure, with one major difference.

While Chanel’s outfit had standard bottoms, Coco’s had a skimpy style that showed off her backside. Coco’s images, which showed other children in her vicinity, angered parents online.

“Your bathing suit is soooo NOT appropriate for a water park,” one of Coco’s millions of followers wrote.

“It’s disgusting that’s what you think is acceptable to wear around children,” one critic said.

“So I gotta ask, don’t you ever feel like maybe at a kid-friendly place a G-string is inappropriate? Just curious if you ever feel like that,” another said.

Yet another critic wrote, “INAPPROPRIATE for a water park.”

Since it seems that there is no consensus on what is appropriate attire for a public park, perhaps the solution is to determine whether or not a family-friendly attraction has and enforces a dress code before taking your children and exposing them to something you don’t want them to see.

If it’s that important to you, it seems like that would be a pretty simple and effective solution. If the business doesn’t police patrons and their swimwear, you can let them know that you won’t be supporting them with your dollars. If they get enough complaints from potential paying customers who choose to go elsewhere, they’ll make necessary adjustments to their policies to keep the money flowing in.