Kid Rock: Oprah Winfrey’s A ‘Fraud’ For Throwing Friend Under Bus

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Kid Rock wasted no time calling Oprah Winfrey a “fraud.” The Michigan rocker claimed the “Queen of all Media” threw her longtime friend under the bus to help the Democratic Party.

Kid Rock
Kid Rock (Credit: Screenshot)

Kid Rock is well known as a conservative celebrity who has no hesitation about calling out entertainers he believes have crossed the line. So, it was no surprise when the multi-platinum artist took Oprah Winfrey to task after she made a significant political endorsement that he views as hypocritical.

Detroit rocker Kid Rock called Oprah Winfrey a “fraud” after she endorsed Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman over Republican Mehmet Oz, who got his start working under Winfrey’s wing, Breitbart reported. “Oprah helped Dr. Oz with his career. I assume because she vetted him and found him to be a wonderful person,” Kid Rock tweeted. “Now she is against him. Oprah is a fraud.”

Winfrey announced her support for Fetterman and other Democrat candidates during a virtual town hall. “I said it was up to the citizens of Pennsylvania,” Winfrey said. “But I would tell y’all this — if I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman for many reasons.”

However, Oprah was the one who launched Dr. Oz’s career on daytime television. Winfrey and Oz have a long relationship dating back to the 2000s when Oz joined Winfrey’s talk show as a recurring guest numerous times before launching his own talk show with the help of Winfrey’s production company, Harpo Productions.

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Oprah Winfrey during an interview on his talk show produced by Harpo Productions (Credit: YouTube)

According to the New York Post, Oz asked Oprah not to get involved in the Pennsylvania race knowing she may feel the need to endorse him but also realizing she’s a huge Democrat supporter. “I asked her to stay out,” Oz said. “Don’t support me because if you get involved in any way, you’ll get hurt and I don’t want my friends hurt.”

Prominent Democrat backers also weighed in. “Were it not for Oprah, Oz would have played out his career as an eminent and widely respected cardiothoracic surgeon, and everyone would have been better off,” Dr. Daniel Summer said “His celebrity, and thus his candidacy, stems directly from her own fame and her promotion of him.”

“If Oprah wanted her endorsement to have maximum impact, she waited far too long,” wrote Daily Beast reporter Matt Lewis (Credit: YouTube)

Kid Rock, born Robert Ritchie, has been a vocal critic of Winfrey in the past, including an on-stage rant at his honky-tonk in downtown Nashville, where he told the crowd “f*** Oprah Winfrey” and “f*** Joy Behar.” When Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked Rock about those remarks, he doubled down saying: “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts, I own what I said.”

Americans also sounded off about Winfrey. “Oprah is a fraud. She’s a racist fraud that hates White people,” wrote one critic. “Yet, that’s how she got all her money. From leftist White people, dripping with White guilt. She spews her pro-open border madness while sitting behind her mansions with 12 ft walls. Tear down your walls, Oprah. And get rid of your security detail.” Another critic added: “Winfrey is a typical Liberal Hollywood virtue signaller! Gotta love the Kid!”

Kid Rock
Donald Trump and Kid Rock (Credit: Screenshot)

“I’ve learned two critical things about Oprah in the last 20 years. 1. She is void of the Holy Spirit of God,” wrote another detractor. “Whoever she believes in, mostly herself, is not Jesus. 2. She is 100% racist through and through. Everything this woman thinks about from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep is race.”

One Twitter user named “Sue” blasted the billionaire media mogul’s endorsement. “She’s overweight and yet tells others to go Weightwatchers,” she posted. “She has no children but tells parents how to raise them. She has no husband but tells married couples how to deal with marriage. I think I’ll pass on her advice. Just another celebrity know it all.” Winfrey, a high-profile liberal with star power, campaigned for Barack Obama in 2007 ahead of the Democratic primaries, voiced support for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and actively supported President Joe Biden in 2020.