Muslim Woman Sues For ‘Violation’ Of Faith After Eating Pizza In Theater

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While watching a movie at an AMC theater, a devout Muslim woman ate a pizza. Now, she’s suing for a “violation of her duties as a Muslim” and the psychological damage it has caused.

Kiara Rivers Muslim Woman Sues For Violation Of Faith After Eating Pizza In Theater
Kiara Rivers is suing AMC Inc. for religious discrimination and battery. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Kiara Rivers filed a lawsuit against American Multi-Cinema Inc. after an incident she claims violated her religious duties and deeply damaged her psyche. The Muslim woman claims that she is the victim not only of religious discrimination but also criminal battery after she bit into the wrong pizza at the multiplex.

Rivers says that she placed an order for a cheese pizza and took her seat in the cinema in Redondo Beach, Florida, where the alleged incident occurred. As a strict follower of Islamic law, she claims that she made sure to reiterate to the cashier that she didn’t want any pork products in her meal.

Kiara Rivers ordered a cheese pizza and asked the cashier to make sure it wouldn’t be cooked with pepperoni. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

After the employee allegedly assured her that she would receive a pork-free pizza, Rivers sat down in the theater and waited for her meal to arrive, according to Patch. About 15 minutes later, her pizza was delivered to her seat. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what she had ordered.

According to the lawsuit, Rivers bit into a slice of the pizza only to discover to her horror that it contained pepperoni, the consumption of which goes against Islamic law. Although she immediately spat out the food, she was deeply sickened to have even had the prohibited product in her mouth.

Kiara Rivers Muslim Woman Sues For Violation Of Faith After Eating Pizza In Theater
When Kiara Rivers bit into the pizza, she realized it contained pepperoni, which is prohibited by Islamic law. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Rivers’ lawsuit claims that it was “impossible” for her to check the pizza before chomping down because the theater was too dark. She has since described the event as one of the most traumatizing experiences of her life.

“The dark nature of the movie theater made it impossible for (Rivers) to see the pepperonis prior to taking a bite,” the suit states. (Rivers) was devastated because she had consumed pork and immediately began to feel horror and fear. (She) was visibly upset because of the ramifications of her having consumed pork in violation of her religious beliefs.”

The lawsuit assumes the motive of the employee, accusing them of deliberately serving the Muslim complainant pork. It alleges that AMC Inc. is guilty of religious discrimination, battery, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

“As a devout Muslim, (Rivers) considers the consumption of pork a violation of her duties as a Muslim and detrimental to her spiritual purity to the point that nothing can be done to restore her spiritual integrity,” the suit states.

The lawsuit alleges that it was “impossible” for Kiara Rivers to check her pizza before eating because it was dark in the theater. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Rivers is seeking an unspecified amount in compensation as well as punitive damages. She has gone on to claim that the event has caused her irreparable emotional damage that is likely permanent.

“(Rivers) has gone into depression because she believes that the bacteria from the pork that she consumed can never and will never leave her body, no matter what she does,” according to the suit.

Rivers insists that the employee would have known what her beliefs are concerning the consumption of pork because she was wearing a hijab when she placed her order. She maintains that this is evidence of the cashier’s intent to trick her into eating pepperoni and violating her religious requirements.

Kiara Rivers sued for an undisclosed amount in compensation for emotional suffering and punitive damages. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Rivers claims to continue to suffer from the trauma of having tasted pepperoni. She believes that she is forever tainted by the essence of the prohibited food and can never atone for such an action.

Although messing up meals is a hazard of the trade, Rivers and her legal team insisted that this wasn’t done in error. Unfortunately, the theater may have to pay a hefty price for what could’ve been a simple case of serving up a wrong order.