Activist Waving Transgender Flag Slams Into Pro-Life Marchers

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A muscular activist, who was waving a transgender flag, was caught on camera slamming into pro-life marchers, but their onslaught didn’t stop there. However, after purposefully bounding through the march and ripping at one of the pro-life flags, the obviously angry activist learned the hard way that they had made a big mistake—and it was all caught on video.

Kelsey McCormick
A “noticeably muscular” activist, waving a large transgender flag, was caught on video slamming into pro-life students participating in a march, including Kelsey McCormick, who shared what she observed. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

At the time of the incident, Kelsey McCormick was a Liberty University freshman active in conservative organizations such as Turning Point USA, Concerned Women for America, and Students for Life. McCormick was attending the Virginia March for Life when a “noticeably muscular” activist, waving a large transgender flag, was caught on video running and slamming into the pro-life students participating in the march, according to The Blaze.

“We were nearing the end of the march and chanting, ‘We are the pro-life generation’ and ‘We will abolish abortion’ with our megaphones,” McCormick told The Daily Signal. “Then I see the trans activist running and jumping, and waving the flag, come smash into the group and go after the big banner. The activist was also making a screaming/barking noise.”

In footage captured of the incident, the culprit dons a maroon camisole along with a light red bandana that covers their dark hair, which is pulled back into a bun. The assumed activist, who is waving a transgender flag, is seen aggressively bounding through the middle of the march as they purposely run into and burst through the pro-life students, pushing them off balance, knocking their possessions to the ground, and ripping at one of their banners, just as McCormick had described:

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins posted the shocking video footage of the assault, which was originally shared by Savanna Deretich, Students for Life Action’s government affairs coordinator. “Will he be held accountable?” Hawkins asked in regards to the attacker who shockingly launched their assault on the student marchers in front of police officers, causing students to exclaim and yell in distress, with one young girl appearing noticeably frightened.

As cops can be seen in the background observing the whole thing, The Blaze shared a similar sentiment, as their writer wrote, “One wonders what might happen to someone behaving this way at a pro-abortion march.” However, we soon find out that the culprit failed to get away unscathed. Instead, the assumed transgender activist was caught on camera again, and this time, it seemed they were getting their comeuppance.

“BREAKING: The trans activist who assaulted pro-life students at the Virginia March for Life has been ARRESTED!” Life News posted on social media alongside a clip of the later video, which captured the march disrupter being walked down the sidewalk in handcuffs as they were led away from the march by authorities.

Although the Richmond police did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Signal, Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins said that all of the student marchers were safe and uninjured, as she said a thank-you to “those who supported us” and noted that it was “an isolated incident and hasn’t happened often at the pro-life marches.”

The reaction from social media viewers was what you might expect. People weren’t happy to see the peaceful student marchers being attacked by a transgender flag-waving individual, and the comments were brutal:

“What a totally normal reaction to an actual peaceful protest in support of life,” one commenter said.

“Almost like it’s just a violent, mentally ill man,” another user noted.

“What does transgenderism even have to do with the March for Life?” another commenter wondered. “They’re insane.”

“They are so peaceful and tolerant, aren’t they,” another user asked, tongue fully in cheek.

“O Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy!” another commenter declared. [Souce: The Blaze]

Regardless of how you feel about abortion and which laws you do or don’t support, we should all agree that a group of peaceful demonstrators having a legally organized march should not be met with physical violence. It’s simply unAmerican, and this so-called “activist” isn’t an activist at all. They are actually a criminal. That said, if your “activism” requires criminal assault to make your point against the opposition, you’re either doing it wrong or you are on the wrong side of the debate.