‘Complaining’ Woman Orders Pizza, Manager Sends Message On Receipt

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After telling a woman that she was “complaining too much” and refusing to serve her, a pizza restaurant manager agreed to fulfill one last order for her. However, he made sure to send a goodbye message on her receipt before walking out the door.

After ordering from Domino’s, a Michigan woman received a vulgar message on her receipt. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As a tradition, Michigan resident Keenyatta Robinson would order pizza for her family each weekend from the Domino’s in West Bloomfield. One Friday evening, she had her daughter place the order. However, what she received wasn’t exactly what she had in mind.

After receiving their order, Robinson realized that the pizza didn’t contain the toppings she had purchased, which was becoming a regular mistake. According to WXYZ, instead of an apology, the manager took the opportunity to take out his anger on the surprised mom.

“We used to get the same pizzas every Friday night. On two occasions, I received a pizza with no sausage, so I called,” said Robinson. “They told me I was complaining too much and they couldn’t serve me anymore.”

Keenyatta Robinson Complaining Woman Orders Pizza Manager Sends One Last Message On Receipt
Keenyatta Robinson was shocked by the message on her receipt. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Feeling mistreated, Robinson took her complaint to the corporate office, informing them of the exchange she had with the manager. Apparently, the unidentified employee had a history of rude behavior toward customers, and Robinson’s encounter was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back. After numerous similar complaints, the manager was fired from his position.

However, instead of leaving his job with dignity and grace, the manager made sure to get back at the woman he believed was responsible for his termination. So, before gathering his things and heading out the door, he sent Robinson one final message she’d only receive after he was long gone.

Keenyatta Robinson Complaining Woman Orders Pizza Manager Sends One Last Message On Receipt
Under her name on the receipt, a note read, “f*** this c***.” (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After the disrespectful manager had finally left, Robinson placed another order, believing the negative incidents to be behind her. Unfortunately, when she looked at her receipt, she discovered that the rude manager had left her a disturbing good-bye message. In the middle of her receipt read the words, “f*** this c***.”

“I don’t understand why they would treat me this way,” said Robinson. “So I called and placed another order. When I came to pick it up that receipt had the same vulgar language.”

After bringing the message to the attention of other employees, it was clear what had happened. Apparently, before he was forced to leave, the former manager had entered the vile words into the online customer database, ensuring that the message would appear on Robinson’s receipt for her next order.

“The manager was upset about it. He was eventually terminated, but his parting gift to us was putting that vulgar comment in her phone number’s notes,” said Ronnie Asmar, Director of Operations at Domino’s.

Employees explained that a former manager sabotaged the receipt information before being fired. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The ex-employee secretly entered the vulgar message into the database on his way out, leaving coworkers to deal with the effects of his abuse. Because the note doesn’t appear on the screen when orders are taken, it was printed on Robinson’s receipt without their knowledge.

“I apologize for what happened. I wish she would try us again. Obviously there is no excuse for what happened. We are sorry about it,” said Asmar.

Despite employees apologizing to Robinson and trying to explain the misunderstanding, she has had enough of the antics. She has since rejected a complimentary gift card and a formal apology from the company, vowing to boycott the establishment.

“I will never eat here again,” said Robinson. “Ever. In my lifetime.”

Keenyatta Robinson Complaining Woman Orders Pizza Manager Sends One Last Message On Receipt
Keenyatta Robinson refuses to ever return to the franchise. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although the company has attempted to remedy the situation, Robinson says that the damage is already done. She refuses to consider that one franchise can make so many mistakes and believes that the most recent incident is inexcusable.

Despite Domino’s efforts, they’ve lost a faithful customer because of the behavior of an unprofessional employee. The situation showcases juts how much havoc the unprofessional behavior of a disgruntled employee can cause to a reputable establishment.