2 Men Force Woman To Smash Into Barrier, News Outlets Omit Their Race

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A young woman was abused by two men on the road just before she smashed into a concrete barrier. Making matters worse, one of her abusers recorded the incident, posting the video to social media. His reaction, which was also captured in the clip, is downright sickening.

Kaysha Plant
Kaysha Plant (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Kaysha Plant, a 23-year-old woman, was minding her own business on an otherwise mundane Monday morning when she found herself in the middle of an unexpected road rage incident as two men in a utility vehicle began verbally abusing her on the highway. Unfortunately, things would only continue to get worse, leaving the young driver unsure if she would live or die.

The frightening chain of events unfolded while Kayla was driving to work near Moorooduc in south-east Melbourne, Australia. She was on the Peninsula Link Highway when a “P-plater,” a driver who only has a provisional driver’s license as indicated by a sticker on the vehicle, pulled alongside her. That’s when her routine drive took a turn as she noticed the other motorist driving dangerously.

Kaysha Plant
(Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Kaysha Plant
Kaysha Plant (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Initially, Kaysha managed to pass the utility vehicle, but the men inside soon zeroed in on her, swerving at her car for several minutes. When the vehicle pulled beside Kaysha’s Toyota, the driver and his passenger began shouting at the woman. In the video, one of the men can be heard yelling at the 23-year-old driver to wind down her window before screaming, “I will fight you, I will fight you,” according to 9 News.

Seemingly proud of themselves, the men recorded their verbal abuse, but they ended up capturing much more than they ever intended. Within moments of pulling up next to Kaysha, verbally assaulting her, and threatening her with physical harm, their vehicle appears to veer towards Kaysha’s silver sedan. The terrified woman loses control of her car, slamming head-on into a concrete barrier at a high speed and into the path of other cars. But, even worse than the crash is the reaction of the goons who caused it.

(Photo Credit: Screenshot)
The aftermath of the ordeal. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The two men, who put Kaysha Plant’s life in danger, didn’t stop to make sure she was okay. Instead, they continued to record, and the passenger, a bearded man dressed in a green canvas jacket, started yelling into the camera. He is heard repeatedly shouting, “What the f***, what the f***,” following the crash as the pair burst into laughter and sped off. According to 7 News, the sickening footage was being recorded and posted to Snapchat.

“They were just like going crazy,” said Kaysha, who was left in tears and had to look away when she was shown footage of the horrific incident, which is seen in the news report below. Reliving the terrifying moment was hard. “To be honest, I didn’t know whether I was going to live or die. I had to accept my fate that something might happen,” Kaysha admitted. “I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best really.”

Kaysha Plant hit her head three times during the crash, according to Daily Mail. She was seen at a local hospital following the collision and, luckily, only suffered minor physical injuries. But, the emotional wounds were deep. “I just hope that they are found, and I hope that they are brought to justice because it’s just ridiculous,” Kaysha said.

And, it seems she may have gotten her wish. Although no written reports revealing the identity of the men could be found, a video newscast posted to YouTube by 9 News named one of them as 20-year-old Amin Ullah (spelling uncertain). The other man is reportedly his cousin. It’s unknown why media outlets have chosen to omit the identity and why some have even cut off 9 News’ video in their reports before the name is heard, as seen at the beginning of Yahoo News‘ article on the ordeal.

Amin Ullah (spelling uncertain) was identified as one of the men in a video newscast. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
(Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The men’s family allegedly told 9 News that they plan to turn themselves into police as the Victoria Police investigate the road-rage incident. The men allegedly involved could face charges of reckless driving and failure to stop. Of course, their recollection of events is different than the one seen in the video and reported by the media as they claim they called police moments after the crash. They also allege the woman was being “abusive” and “driving erratically.”

Like the rest of us, Sgt. Daniel Patton with the Mornington Police saw something much different than what the men claim when watching the video. It was the men who were “engaging in dangerous behavior that could easily have led to a significant injury,” Patton said. “They don’t appear to be taking their responsibilities as a licensed driver seriously.” We couldn’t agree more.

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