Mom Suffers Illness For 10 Years, Discovers Cause During Home Remodel

A 41-year-old mother’s mystery illness stumped doctors for 10 years, but a team of contractors quickly discovered the source of her troubles. After being hired for a remodeling job, their keen observation skills led to the truth.

Kathi Wilson
Kathi Wilson (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Kathi Wilson of Shelbyville, Indiana, was struck with a mystery illness that no one could explain. Suffering malaise, muscle aches, and fatigue, it felt like Kathi had the flu, but the flu-like symptoms never let up. Instead, the 41-year-old mother only grew more ill, exhausted, and miserable with each passing day.

Kathi’s fatigue turned chronic and the general discomfort and muscle aches became increasingly debilitating. Eventually, she required a cane to walk as a result of her condition. Although she was only 41, she struggled to get around, walking much more like an elderly woman than a woman her age. Sadly, the flu-like symptoms continued as the years passed, only getting worse over time.

Kathi Wilson
Kathi Wilson suffered a 10-year mystery illness. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Kathi Wilson
Doctors failed to determine what was making Kathi Wilson so sick. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

It was like Kathi was enduring a decade long flu, and no one had any answers. “Over the years it kept getting worse and worse,” Kathi’s daughter, Ashley, recalled. Kathi’s strange illness left her and her family completely baffled. Doctors were just as dumbfounded, unable to determine a diagnosis causing the woman’s failing condition.

Even her doctor, Mary Beth Hensley, couldn’t figure out what was making Wilson so sick. In an attempt to ease her discomfort, her doctor tried many medications and specialists ran a battery of tests, including cardiac testing, chest X-rays, and MRI’s of her brain and spine. Unfortunately, no answers were found to explain Kathi’s poor health. “I felt we were very thorough but didn’t come up with a solution,” Dr. Hensley admitted.

Kathi’s decision to remodel a bathroom in her home would lead to her relief. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
The contractors discovered the cause of Kathi Wilson’s problems. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

But, as it always does, life went on. Kathi did her best to live as normally as possible, which happened to include deciding to remodel a bathroom of her home. Ten years after first falling ill, she hired a team of contractors to do the job, never expecting she’d get so much more from them than she ever paid for.

The eagle-eyed home construction workers gave Kathi Wilson something way better than a new bathroom — they cracked the case doctors couldn’t, ultimately saving Kathi’s life. After ten years of extreme fatigue, Kathi finally bounced back to good health when the contractors put an end to the “killer” in her own home, which had been poisoning her.

While preparing for the bathroom remodel, the contractors began examining Kathi Wilson’s house and made a shocking discovery. Her home’s furnace and hot water heater had been improperly installed, and this was more than just a minor mishap.

The mistake had caused small amounts of carbon monoxide to leak into the residence. The odorless gas, known as the silent killer, was slowly poisoning Kathi. “I was shocked,” she said. But, that shock quickly turned to appreciation and gratitude after the contractors fixed the connections.

The contractors corrected the problem and Kathi Wilson immediately began to feel better. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Kathi Wilson
Kathi Wilson expresses her gratitude to the men who ultimately saved her life. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

With the poisonous gas no longer leaking into her home, Kathi’s health immediately began to bounce back. The team of construction workers had given her her life back after they determined the cause of her mysterious illness when others failed to do so.

In no time, Kathi had renewed energy and no longer needed her cane. “I feel great,” Kathi said, although her voice is still weak from the decade-long ordeal. “I haven’t been this happy in I can’t tell how long,” she added, telling the contractors, “I want to thank you guys for giving me my life back.”

Kathi Wilson
Kathi Wilson is thankful for the men who gave her her life back. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Experts recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector near bedrooms. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although this story has a happy ending, Kathi Wilson suffered for 10 years needlessly, but hopefully, it wasn’t all in vain. This is a perfect reminder that every home should have a carbon monoxide detector. Experts recommend placing it about five feet from the ground and near bedrooms since it presents the greatest danger while we sleep.

Considering such detectors are sold online for as little as $10, that seems like a good purchase — one I’m sure Kathi Wilson wishes she had made, saving her from unnecessary suffering. Your loved one’s life is worth such a tiny investment. In this case, what you don’t know can hurt you. So, buy the detectors, and don’t forget to tell those you love to do the same.