Divorce Lawyer Reveals 5 Jobs With Highest Number Of Cheaters

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Are there certain jobs that can kill a marriage? According to a divorce lawyer, she sees more frequent flyers from some careers than others. In fact, she’s revealed the five jobs that she says have the highest number of cheaters. Is yours or your spouse’s profession on the list?

Kate Simonds
Kate Simonds, a divorce lawyer with the Arizona-based Simonds Law Group (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Kate Simonds, a divorce lawyer with the Arizona-based Simonds Law Group, sparked a fierce debate online when she posted a controversial video clip to Instagram Reels. In the footage, Simonds revealed the five occupations that she believes feature the highest percentage of cheaters, according to the NY Post. And, boy, did she infuriate some people with this one.

“We wanted to share it with you MOST COMMON CHEATERS,” the Arizona attorney captioned the controversial clip, which went viral after sparking debate. “We are turning up the heat for this one. Do you guys agree?” she asked, and angry commenters were quick to chime in. But, before we get to that, let’s look at which careers topped Kate Simonds’ list.

Pilots and flight attendants were #5, according to Kate Simonds. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Starting at number five and working her way down, Kate Simonds said pilots and flight attendants were among those most likely to stray from their spouses as she disclosed the “most common cheaters based on professions,” using her anecdotal evidence as a divorce attorney. Without missing a beat, she quickly moved on to number four, which she claims is “men in the military.”

Bartenders were the third profession where cheaters were prevalent, according to the divorce attorney. Next, cops were the second-most likely profession to stray from their spouses, according to the legal guru. But it was the number one career that seemed to light a metaphorical match to the post, causing furious commenters to torch the attorney who dared to declare firefighters as the most likely to cheat.

Kate Simonds
According to Kate Simonds, men in the military came in at #4. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Making no apologies for it, Kate Simonds boldly declared that firefighters held the number one spot for the highest number of unfaithful employees. “And, number one, firefighters, for sure,” she said, ending the big reveal with some emphasis as she named and shamed the job. Of course, this didn’t go over well with firefighters or those who love them.

“This is toxic as f–k,” one commenter wrote as they railed against Simonds’ list, taking offense to the career that topped the lawyer’s list. “All the firefighters I know are true family men,” added the upset social media user, and they weren’t alone. Others were quick to chime in and defend the profession.

Bartenders were #3 on Kate Simonds’ list. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

“As a female firefighter, I have to disagree,” one woman said as she weighed in to let Simonds know that her “bros don’t cheat.” Another woman joined the conversation, commenting to let Kate Simonds know that her husband was not only a commercial airline pilot but also a volunteer firefighter. However, according to her comment, she wasn’t worried.

Of course, it wasn’t just firefighters and their loved ones who took issue with the list. Some slammed Simonds for fanning the flames of infidelity worries, saying that her list could induce paranoia in partners. “Videos like this [put] doubt into weak-minded people and in turn create issues where there weren’t any previously. Do better,” a concerned commenter implored, warning Simonds that she was encouraging suspicious minds.

Cops are second-most likely to cheat, according to Kate Simonds. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Others agreed, saying that both good and bad people could be found in all occupations. “Character, not career,” one commenter wrote, telling others to “look at the person’s character.” While they are correct, it is worth noting that statistics are statistics, and the divorce lawyer was sharing what she’s seen in her career as an attorney. Although anecdotal, Kate Simonds’ list was based on evidence obtained via her experience, not just her opinion.

Coming to the attorney’s defense, plenty of commenters admitted that they had been cheated on by people from the five professions she listed. These commenters also noted that the five occupations — pilots, military members, bartenders, cops, and firefighters — all had some distinct commonalities. “Basically men that spend most of their life at work,” one pointed out, while another added, “And frequent nights away from home.”

According to Kate Simonds, firefighters top the list of careers with the highest number of cheaters. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Kate Simonds isn’t the first person to create a list of careers where cheating is more common. A quick Google search will reveal lists from Yahoo, Business Insider, and more. Each seems to share some similarities and some differences. So, it should go without saying that you simply can’t determine a person’s likelihood of cheating based solely on their career. Instead, a person’s character is much more revealing, as one commenter suggested.

While a combination of long hours, workplace stress, and time away from home can seemingly push one towards an affair, the bottom line is that fidelity is a choice. So, choose a spouse who will choose integrity over infidelity, even when life and marriage are tough. A career doesn’t make someone cheat. That’s a decision a person makes based on their morals and values. Concerned? Offering your spouse open communication and mutual respect while fulfilling each other’s emotional and physical needs will protect your marriage from cheating more than a career change.