Man Breaks Into Woman’s Home, She Literally Goes Medieval On Him

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A man, claiming he was hiding from someone, picked a house at random to get a reprieve from an unknown person who was allegedly after him. As soon as the intruder entered the home, however, he realized that the situation he was trying to escape was the very least of his worries when the woman inside literally went medieval on him.

Karen Dolley Man Breaks Into Home She Literally Goes Medieval On Him
Karen Dolley (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Karen Dolley of Indiana was asleep in her Indianapolis area home in the early hours of a Friday morning when she woke to find she had an unexpected visitor. “I could see the guy standing right about here,” she recalled pointing to the dark hallway of her home, where she found an intruder.

That intruder was 30-year-old Jacob Wessel, who had chosen Karen’s home as a hideout. Wessel was presumed to be on drugs and was lurking in Karen’s home when he woke the woman only minutes after entering her residence. Hearing someone in her house and not expecting any company, Karen leaped from her bed and went to investigate.

Jacob Wessel (Photo Credit: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department)
Karen Dolley (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Karen, who lives alone, rounded the corner from her bedroom into the hallway, where she found Wessel waiting as she turned on the lights. As she came face to face with the intruder, she knew she had to do whatever she could to protect herself, and she didn’t hesitate to react to the threat standing in front of her.

Although Karen Dolley was prepared to defend herself, Jacob Wessel was far from ready for what he was about to receive. How Karen handled the situation was indeed the last thing anyone would expect, especially Wessel, who was about to learn what Karen does with her spare time.

Karen Dolley Man Breaks Into Home She Literally Goes Medieval On Him
Karen Dolley (left) (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Karen Dolley Man Breaks Into Home She Literally Goes Medieval On Him
Karen Dolley (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“I just came at him and started punching,” Karen recalled, demonstrating the ten or so jabs she delivered to Jacob Wessel’s face as she yelled, “Get out, get out, get out!” But, a few punches weren’t the only thing Karen was packing. Her hobbies had prepared her for this moment.

Behind her unassuming appearance was a woman who’s not only into roller derby but also well trained in medieval combat, and she just happened to have a sharp sword too. Luckily for her, Karen’s skills paid off. “If I feel threated, as I’m coming awake, I’m going to attack,” she said — and attack she did.

After the feisty 43-year-old woman repeatedly pummeled the intruder’s face with her fists, Karen Dolly grabbed her Japanese combat sword and pinned Jacob Wessel to the ground. “It is 440C stainless steel, it has an edge and it will cut,” Karen explained, speaking of the weapon she had armed herself with against Wessel.

“He was trying to deflect my punches with his hands,” Karen explained, but Wessel was no match for the sharp blade he was soon facing. “I just held the knife down on him like this while he was on the floor, and I was calling 911 with the other hand,” Karen said, demonstrating how she held the tip of the sword on Wessel so he couldn’t get away while she called the authorities.

Karen Dolley Man Breaks Into Home She Literally Goes Medieval On Him
Karen Dolley (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Karen Dolley Man Breaks Into Home She Literally Goes Medieval On Him
Karen Dolley, fighting in armor (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Realizing he had picked the wrong hiding place after coming face to face with a woman armed with a sword, Wessel accepted defeat, and he’s lucky he decided not to put up a fight. “I would have swung the sword at him or I would have stabbed him,” Karen admitted, adding that Wessel’s surrender likely saved his life.

“If he would have behaved in a slightly different manner, he would not have gotten out of here alive,” Karen said. “He was so out of it,” she added, referring to the drugs Wessel appeared to be on. When police arrived, they confirmed Wessel was high on an unknown substance as he repeatedly told officers he was only trying to hide from someone.

Karen Dolley (right), aka “Foul Morguean,” is part of the Naptown Roller Girls, but that’s not her only hobby. (Photo Credit: Facebook)
Roller Derby isn’t the only hobby Karen Dolley enjoys, which had her ready to take on an intruder. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Jacob Wessel was quickly taken into custody. After being transferred to a hospital for evaluation, he was arrested and charged with residential entry, Fox59 reported. On his way out of Karen Dolley’s house, he reportedly apologized to the homeowner.

Clearly, this was one bad “drug trip” he’ll never forget, and we can only hope one of the woman’s many punches knocked some sense into him. As for others like him, let this be a lesson. You never know how prepared your victim will be to defend themselves because, as Karen said, Wessel is just lucky she grabbed her sword instead of the gun she keeps beside her bed.

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