Boy Ambushed, Beaten By Bully — School Suspends Victim For 10 Days

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A gut-wrenching video has surfaced of a student being jumped and savagely beaten by another boy in class, sickening the community. Although the footage shows the victim never even throwing a punch, the school has defended its decision to suspend him.

Joy Turner Boy Ambushed Brutally Beaten By Bully School Suspends Victim For 10 Days
A mother is fighting back after her son was reportedly suspended for being beaten by a school bully. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

An Oklahoma mother is desperate for her son to receive justice. She says he was punished for doing nothing as he was violently attacked. Joy Turner came out to the media only after she claims the school has repeatedly ignored her and her son’s concerns.

KOTV-DT reports that the mother was sickened when a video surfaced of her ninth-grade son being viciously ambushed and pummeled by a boy she says is considered a school bully. Turner told reporters that the attack was prompted after her son prevented the unidentified bully from attacking her son’s girlfriend. It was then that the student turned his wrath on her son.

Joy Turner Boy Ambushed Brutally Beaten By Bully School Suspends Victim For 10 Days
Joy Turner says that her son was suspended for 10 days, despite being attacked and not even fighting back. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The video, which was recorded on a cell phone by one of the other students, shows a boy in a red hoodie relentlessly beating Turner’s son, who is wearing a blue hoodie. The attack ends only after the boys trip over a toppled desk. Turner managed to view the footage, which she says made her sick to her stomach.

“I wanted to throw up,” Joy Turner said. “He was attacked. It’s a horrible video. If you have anyone you love, you never want to see them beaten like that.”

Turner told reporters that her son came home from school covered in bruises and vomited multiple times due to his injuries. She took him to the hospital for treatment, and he was released a short time later without incident. Unfortunately, her son’s turmoil wasn’t over.

Joy Turner Boy Ambushed Brutally Beaten By Bully School Suspends Victim For 10 Days
The video footage shows a boy in a red hoodie brutally pummeling Joy Turner’s son in a one-sided attack. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Despite the video providing evidence that her son was attacked and never even fought back, Turner says that the school suspended him for 10 days because of a “zero tolerance” policy. Sand Springs Central Ninth Grade Center reportedly has a “no fight” rule, which equally punishes anyone involved in a brawl on campus, regardless if they initiated the scuffle or not. Understandably, Turner is outraged by the school’s response.

“If the video is shown, beware because it’s graphic and heartbreaking to watch,” Turner wrote on Facebook. “This is about my child being followed to his classroom and attacked, yes ATTACKED at the Sand Springs 9th Grade Center on Tuesday by a kid who had one goal in mind. Others knew about it and said nothing or watched it and did nothing. The school didn’t protect my child and he is now being punished with a 10 day suspension. I’m beyond furious!!!!!”

Turner claims that the bullying has been going on for weeks and that the school was aware of the problem but did nothing. Now, she’s blaming school officials for her son’s injuries and has gone to the police, claiming that the district has ignored her efforts to speak with them.

“This all could have been prevented if the school had done something when the harassment started,” she wrote. “This had been an ongoing issue for over a month before the day of this incident. Side note, my son was checked out at urgent care for signs of a concussion-thankfully they didn’t believe he showed any signs of one at that time. (he had thrown up 3-4 times right after the fight. We went to the police for our next stop to report the incident because this will not get brushed under the rug!”

Joy Turner’s son was reportedly suspended due to the school’s “no fight” policy, which punishes all individuals involved in a brawl. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After posting the incident on social media, numerous parents voiced their outrage with the school’s decision. Additionally, many expressed similar situations in which their children were punished for being attacked or standing up to their bullies.

“It’s all over, not just sand springs. My daughter got detention last year,” one mom wrote. “She had bruises on her arms from 4 boys who kept ganging up and picking on her. I went to the school and spoke to the principal, he gave all the boys and my daughter detention. It’s bull. The kids who don’t fight back get the same punishment as the attacker.”

“My son was suspended from school in Glenpool for 3 days for defending himself when a student attacked him just a few weeks ago,” another parent commented. “His mother and I expressed to the school that he was not in trouble with us for defending himself. Its absolutely appalling that schools punish the victim!”

“My son put up with bullying for a year and a half,” another parent replied. “He told everyone from principal, teachers, councilor and noone helped with made him believe we wouldn’t help either. He had all he could take and finally whipped the kid. Both also got suspended. Sad kids can’t find any of the schools to help.”

Although the video appears to support Joy Turner’s claims, there still may be more to the story. It’s clear that many parents have experienced similar incidents in which they feel that schools inadequately dealing with bullying has become an epidemic. Unfortunately, the current system has resulted in bullies continuing their antics and victims being punished.

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