Black Conservatives Slam Joy Behar For ‘KKK Moment’

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When Joy Behar made remarks on “The View” about the African-American community, she immediately got slammed by black conservatives who accused her of having a “KKK moment” and using “racism like a dog shock collar.”

Joy Behar
Joy Behar (Credit: Screenshot)

Joy Behar is no stranger to criticism over statements she makes while cohosting The View. The former comedian is one of the original panelists of the talk show. She joined the ABC program co-created by Barbara Walters in 1997.

Behar regularly makes headlines in the entertainment section of the news, and the backlash over her remarks on “black gun owners” earned her another spot. According to NBC24, Behar’s confusing comments came during one of the show’s discussions about gun control. The liberal hosts had been taking aim at AR-15s, arguing they should be banned.

Joy Behar
The View guest cohost Lindsey Granger fired back at Joy Behar (Credit: Screenshot)

African-American guest host Lindsey Granger responded on The View with a story about a man in Connecticut who had to build an AR-15 to stay within the bounds of the law after he felt like he needed protection following the slaughter of his neighbor’s entire family during a home invasion.

“He built his own AR-15 because Connecticut won’t let you buy them, but you can abide by rules that allow you to build them, and then he has one in his house to protect his family because he never wants to see that happen again,” argued Granger. “He is a Black man – it’s odd – most AR-15 owners are former military, thirty-five plus and married, so that’s all I’m saying is that they’re not just crazy people.”

Diamond and Silk, who are sisters advocating conservative politics, took aim at Joy Behar. (Credit: YouTube)

At that point, Joy Behar pointed her finger at Granger. “Here’s the thing: once black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change,” she said. “Trust me.” That remark caused quite an uproar among members of the African-American community. Diamond and Silk, who are black conservatives, shared their view on Behar’s remarks. “It looks like Joy Behar, who was once dressed in blackface, is having her KKK moment,” the sisters posted on Twitter. “Is she implying that black people are not capable of being responsible gun owners?”

Black gun owner and Second Amendment activist Colion Noir called Behar’s comments “ambiguously racist,” adding that it’s “ironic” that “she doesn’t even realize that her statement, if true, is the exact reason why Black people should not only be exercising their Second Amendment right but telling every politician that wants their vote to stop pushing for further restrictions on their 2A rights, or they don’t get their vote.”

Second Amendment activist Colion Noir blasted Joy Behar. (Credit: YouTube)

“Think about what Joy is saying,” Noir declared. “She believes that if more Black people started arming themselves the racists in this country will be more open to gun control because they don’t want black people to have the freedom, power, and self-reliance that comes with exercising 2A rights.”

“So, the question everyone should be asking is, if Joy Behar knows this, why isn’t she advocating for Black people to exercise their Second Amendment rights?” Noir asked. “She’s trying to insinuate that conservatives don’t want Blacks to have guns, but the only people pushing for gun control is the Left. So is Joy saying that if Black people start buying guns she’s going to drop her stance on gun control? Clearly not, and it’s the problem I have with people like her,” he added. “They use racism like a dog shock collar. Anytime a black person doesn’t lean Left on an issue they break out the racism, it’s insulting as f—k, it says that Black people can only make decisions through the lens of racism.”

Antonia Okafor is the Gun Owners of America (GOA) director of women’s outreach. The African-American woman had this to say to those who use black people to argue for more gun control: “Please stop [with] the ridiculous debate that ‘gun enthusiasts’ would think differently about gun reform if it were ‘black and brown bodies holding up those AR-15s’… I regularly post pictures [holding an AR-15] and get positive reactions from all races. Stop this fake racism argument.”

According to the Firearm Industry Trade Association, black men and women showed a 58.2% increase in gun purchases during the first six months of 2020 versus the same period in the previous year. In fact, according to The Cut, black women are the demographic with the fastest-growing rate of gun ownership.