Joy Behar Makes False Claims About Gun Laws, 2A Expert Educates Her

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Joy Behar was caught making wildly false claims about gun laws during an episode of The View. That’s when an expert on the Second Amendment stepped in and educated her.

Joy Behar
Joy Behar (Credit: YouTube)

Joy Behar made a few inaccurate statements about the Supreme Court, New York State, and gun laws. It all started when the gals on The View were discussing the rise in violence, and that’s when Behar threw out a careless accusation that left many viewers speechless.

“The Supreme Court is poised to pass a bill contradicting the New York City and state laws,” the former comedian said. “We have very strict gun laws here, and apparently, somebody has put this on [SCOTUS] desks that New York should be an open carry state, and then open carry city with all of the density in this city. They want people running around with guns. Middle-class people will be leaving in droves if that happens.”

Newsbusters Editor Nicholas Fondacaro’s post on Joy Behar

Immediately after Joy Behar made that remark, Stephen Gutowski, who is an expert on gun laws and the Second Amendment, decided to correct her. “Gutowski got things started with a basic civics lesson for Joy on how the Supreme Court works,” Twitchy reported.

“The Supreme Court rules on litigation, it does not pass legislation,” Gutowski tweeted to Behar. “The case is about concealed carry, not open carry. It wasn’t ‘put on their desk’ by ‘somebody,’ it was filed by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.” The gun expert wasn’t finished with his lesson. “Also, people are unlikely to leave ‘in droves’ if the Supreme Court strikes down New York’s ‘may issue’ concealed-carry law since the same policy, which is only used in 8 states currently, would likely become unconstitutional everywhere,” he noted.

Stephen Gutowski’s tweet on Joy Behar

Then, Gutowski appeared to reprimand Behar by alluding to the responsibility she has when talking to millions of Americans. “Anyway, it’s fair enough to debate the merits of different kinds of gun-carry laws,” he stated. “But, I mean, you could at least start from the point of understanding what the Supreme Court even is or does let alone understanding the individual policies themselves.”

However, Behar wasn’t done making mistakes. She followed the gun remarks with another blooper about a former Republican president. “But, there was a ban on AR-15s, and then when George W. Bush got in, he lifted the ban,” the cohost said. This time, Newsbusters editor Nicholas Fondacaro corrected Behar. “In reality, the ban on assault weapons was allowed to expire because there was no statistical difference,” he posted to Twitter.

Joy Behar
Nicholas Fondacaro’s tweet on Joy Behar

Radio host Joe Cunningham also weighed in on Behar’s gaffes. “What is terrifying is that there is a not-insignificant portion of American voters who get a not-insignificant amount of their news from The View,” he tweeted. Amy Jo North, a social media user, responded to the radio host’s post, writing, “I’m sorry, but she’s really not capable of the job they have let her have for so long… she acts like a child having a tantrum regularly.”

Joy Behar also caused quite a ruckus when she made another claim against the Republican Party. While discussing a New York Times article on Critical Race Theory, Behar voiced her disapproval. “Why is this article saying that the Republicans are the pro educators?” she asked with indignation. “They’re the ones stopping education. They’re the ones that don’t want you to learn.”

The former comic wasn’t done blasting Republicans. “They are non-eduction, I would say anti-education, but [the] non-education party,” Joy Behar declared, adding a quip about former President Donald Trump, saying, “he loves the poorly educated.”

Behar’s critics would say it’s quite ironic that she would make these accusations about Republicans being the “non-education party,” considering her own track record of inaccuracies and falsehoods while on live TV with millions of viewers. Whether you love or hate her, Behar does speak her mind and makes it clear where she stands. We just wish what she said was the truth.