VIDEO: Girl Gets Pushed Off Bridge By ‘Friend,’ Receives Multiple Injuries

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The shocking moment a 16-year-old girl was pushed off a bridge by her so-called friend has been caught on jaw-dropping video that will make your heart pound. Of course, it ended badly, but if you thought the video was bad, wait until you see the photos of the aftermath.

Jordan Holgerson Pushed Off Bridge By Friend, Ends Badly
Jordan Holgerson (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Jordan Holgerson, 16, was visiting Moulton Falls on the Lewis River in Yacolt, Washington, with her friends when the group gathered atop a bridge. With her friends standing behind her, Jordan planned to jump off the 3-story bridge and into the water.

However, as she stood on a ledge over the bridge’s railing, Jordan hesitated. The teen had become “too scared” to jump, as she looked down at the water 60 feet below. “No, I won’t go in,” the teen is heard telling her friends as they try to pressure her to jump off the bridge.

Jordan Holgerson Pushed Off Bridge By Friend, Ends Badly
Jordan Holgerson is pushed from the bridge. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Multiple times, Jordan is heard saying, “No,” as her pals ignore her and continue to rally behind her in hopes of getting her to leap, according to Daily Mail. Then, the unimaginable happens. After a man says, “Ready,” another so-called friend pushes Jordan from the bridge.

The teen is sent flying through the air, her arms flailing before she lands with a gut-churning thud in the water below as her friends begin to gasp in horror. Be warned, it’s hard to watch.

“Oh, that’s so f****d,” someone is heard saying off-camera, but they had no idea at that moment just how “f****d” it was. Although Jordan Holgerson miraculously survived the fall, she certainly didn’t come out unscathed. In fact, she’s lucky to be alive after the female friend shoved her from the bridge.

The teen had to be rescued from the water. After someone immediately swam out to get her, she was rushed to PeaceHealth Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington. There, it was discovered that Jordan had suffered five broken ribs, a lung injury, and several abrasions.

Jordan Holgerson Pushed Off Bridge By Friend, Ends Badly
Jordan Holgerson had to be rushed to the hospital. (Photo Credit: YouTube/KGW News)
Jordan Holgerson Pushed Off Bridge By Friend, Ends Badly
Jordan Holgerson’s thigh (Photo Credit: YouTube/KGW News)
Jordan Holgerson Pushed Off Bridge By Friend, Ends Badly
Jordan Holgerson suffered multiple injuries and is lucky to be alive. (Photo Credit: YouTube/KGW News)

She also suffered a bruised esophagus, an injured trachea, air bubbles in her chest, and a punctured lung. In addition, her entire left thigh was left red and severely bruised after slamming into the water from 60 feet above. But, it could have been so much worse had she landed on her neck or spine or even drowned. “She is lucky she is not paralyzed or dead,” Genelle Holgerson, Jordan’s mother, said.

Speaking from her hospital bed, Jordan also recalled the terrifying ordeal and shared her injuries. “In midair, I think I might have blacked out,” Jordan recalled. “But I was aware and awake when I hit the water.” She also revealed that the day of the tragic incident was her first time on the bridge. It’s safe to say, it will also be her last.

“She is alert but in pain and is very tired. We’re lucky she is going to recover and not have permanent injuries,” said Genelle Holgerson, who is now urging the friend who pushed her daughter to turn herself in, to the police. She also revealed that the person who pushed Jordan into the water wasn’t another teen but rather an adult. “I’m very upset with her,” the mother-of-four added. “She is an adult, and I’m sure she should have known better.”

According to Jordan, the adult friend has since apologized but just saying she’s sorry isn’t enough, according to the traumatized and badly injured teen. “I could’ve died,” Jordan said. “It could’ve ended a lot worse, is what I’m thinking about.”

Jordan Holgerson Pushed Off Bridge By Friend, Ends Badly
Jordan Holgerson (Photo Credit: Facebook)

“This looks to be almost criminal,” Ashley Mahree, who posted the shocking clip to YouTube, wrote in the video description. “This could have easily taken a life,” she said, adding that she believes the woman who pushed Jordan should go to jail. “I think this girl needs to be held accountable in some way.”

The incident is being investigated by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, KGW News reported. As it turns out, it is actually illegal to jump from the bridge, according to Clark County Fire Chief Ben Peeler.

Although it’s illegal, jumping from the Moulton Fall’s bridge isn’t uncommon. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After a 47-year-old Vancouver man was injured the previous year when jumping off of the same bridge, Chief Peeler explained that there are hazardous rock shelves along the deep river channel. “You’ve got to land in there just right or you can get hurt,” he said, according to KATU. He also relayed that, every year, a couple of people not only get hurt but “people do drown.”

Sadly, jumping off of bridges or cliffs into the refreshing water below is not uncommon. Granted, a push is a different story entirely, but a voluntary plunge has its fair share of risks too —  hence the reason it’s often illegal, just like it is in Moulton Falls. As for those who might think it’s funny to give a friend a “push,” hopefully they will have the photos of Jordan’s injuries ingrained in their brain, and it will be enough to make them think twice.

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