Wife Demands Doctors Pull Plug On Husband, Father-In-Law Intervenes

When a man suffered severe brain damage that forced him to be on life support, his estranged wife, who left him years earlier, showed up and demanded doctors pull the plug. However, just as she was about to have her request granted, she heard a sound she knew all too well.

Jonathan Michel
Jonathan Michel suffered a severe brain aneurysm that nearly cost him his life. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

While serving on a mission trip in Africa, Karen Michel received a call that every parent dreads. Her 39-year-old son Jonathan Michel had been seriously injured in an accident and she needed to come back to Texas as soon as possible.

Apparently, Jonathan was play-wrestling when a chair accidentally hit him in the head, causing internal bleeding. Tragically, no one knew the extent of his injury until he was later discovered convulsing on the kitchen floor from head trauma that had formed a deadly brain aneurysm.

Wren and Karen Michel rushed to their son’s hospital bedside. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Karen immediately returned to the U.S. and rushed to her son’s hospital bedside. Specialists at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler informed her that the bleeding had caused possibly irreversible damage to 75-percent of the left side of his brain, leaving the right side of his body paralyzed.

Despite the grim diagnosis, Karen and the rest of Jonathan’s family prayed and believed that he would be healed. Incredibly, Jonathan not only woke from his near-vegetative state but also began using basic motor skills such as fastening his niece’s watch and subtly responding to family prayers.

Jonathan Michel
Jonathan Michel required life support due to his injuries. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Delighted by his miraculous progress, Jonathan’s family were taken aback when the doctors dropped a bombshell — they would be removing him from life support and allowing him to slowly die. Baffled, the family pleaded with the hospital to reconsider. However, the doctors explained that they had no choice in the matter as Jonathan’s estranged wife Jacqueline Michel, who had left him 3 years earlier, had made the call, according to LifeSiteNews.

“‘If I’m ever in such a situation,’” Jacqueline Michel said her husband had once told her, “‘I want to let nature take its course.’”

Apparently, Jacqueline was embroiled in a nasty custody and child support battle, which had delayed their official divorce and kept them legally married. It was this technicality that provided the estranged wife with the opportunity to hold his life entirely in her hands.

His estranged wife Jacqueline repeatedly told doctors to take him off of life support. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

However, just as Jacqueline was about to pull the plug on her recovering husband, she caught wind of something she’s heard countless times before. Unfortunately for her, that sound was the voice of her determined father-in-law putting a stop to her plans. Thinking quickly, Jonathan’s father Wren blockaded the hospital door with his body and refused to budge. Even when the hospital called the police, Wren remained steadfast, barring anyone from coming in to carry out his son’s death.

“If you’re going to unplug him, you’ll have to go through me,” the determined man told hospital staff. “I would give my life for his. I would rather me die than him.”

Hoping for a peaceful resolution the hospital agreed to temporarily suspend the removal of Jonathan’s life support to allow his parents to take his case before the Ethics Board. The next day, Wren and Karen pleaded for their son’s life. Unbelievably, the board decided that since they were seeing progress, they would continue offering Jonathan medical care.

Jonathan Michel
Wren physically barricaded the hospital door, preventing doctors from pulling the plug. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Although they had saved their son’s life, their battle came with a hefty price. Jacqueline allegedly had them banned from seeing Jonathan for four days, which she vehemently denies and blames on the hospital.

“I’m not trying to kill him,” she said. “I tried to do what he asked. If he’s miserable [when he finds himself partly paralyzed], he can blame [his parents].”

On the bright side, Jonathan continued to recover, making progress that doctors never thought they’d see. Once Jacqueline realized that he was out of danger, she agreed to allow his parents to visit him once again. She maintains that she is innocent and was only trying to carry out Jonathan’s wishes.

“I haven’t done anything wrong, and the hospital knows that,” she said.

Jonathan Michel
Jonathan Michel began making a miraculous recovery. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

LifeSiteNews obtained the testimony from the hospital personnel, which confirmed that Jacqueline had repeatedly insisted that she wanted her husband moved to a hospital that only offers him physical comfort as he dies. She also rejected consent to any medical procedures and life support that would potentially save Jonathan’s life and promote recovery.

After a lengthy court battle, Wren and Karen managed to obtain guardianship of Jonathan until he is able to care for himself. They feel indescribable relief that he is out of danger of being subjected to Jacqueline’s medical decisions.

Jonathan Michel
Thanks to his parents’ efforts, Jonathan Michel continues to make progress to this day. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Incredibly, Wren and Karen say they hold no ill will against Jacqueline and have forgiven her, especially because she is the mother of their grandchildren. For now, they are fully focused on their son’s recovery and his relationship with his three children.

Jonathan Michel continues to make a spectacular recovery, defying the odds and astounding medical professionals. One day, his family believes that he will be able to give his miraculous testimony in the hopes that his case will protect other vulnerable patients in similar situations.