Women Record And Mock Spa-Goer, Bodybuilder Fires Back

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When a woman and her friends whipped out a camera to secretly record and mock another spa-goer, they thought they would get a few laughs. Instead, they infuriated a bodybuilder who was quick to make them regret their ignorant and arrogant ways.

Joey Swoll
Joey Swoll (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Joey Swoll, a bodybuilder and well-known fitness influencer, was enraged after seeing a video posted to social media in which a spa-goer was secretly recorded as she changed in a locker room. Swoll quickly took issue with the “arrogant” women who were secretly recording the uncovered patron, mocking her as she changed clothes. So, he took to social media with a video of his own, but things didn’t end there.

Saying that the matter had left him “pissed,” Joey Swoll, whose real name is Joseph Sergo, called out the person behind the camera, as well as her friends, for publicly posting the footage, which was captured at Champneys Luxury Health Spa in the UK and shows a woman changing clothes. The person recording then pans the camera to two of her friends as they all sit together, watching and laughing in the sauna as their malicious intent is made clear.

Joey Swoll was “pissed” to see these women laughing as their friend secretly recorded a spa-goer who was changing her clothes. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

In a response video, which featured the clip from the footage in question, Swoll censored the innocent spa-goer. However, the woman who recorded her and posted the original video didn’t offer the same courtesy. Instead, she posted the uncensored footage in an Instagram story with the caption “even a free show,” the NY Post reported. What’s more, she even tagged the location of the spa, according to the angry bodybuilder.

Livid about the video, Swoll called out the person recording the footage in a clip he posted to Instagram. “This video really pisses me off,” he said. “Pardon my language, but what the f–k is wrong with you? How do you not know better than to do this to somebody?” Swoll asks, blasting the woman who made the secret recording. “I had to cover this poor woman that you were filming.”

Joey Swoll wasn’t done there. Instead, he continued to criticize the inconsiderate recorder and her friends, who openly mocked the other woman online with footage of her uncovered body. “You and your friends sit there arrogantly laughing at her and enjoying this ‘free show’ as you call it—and you even tagged the location of this spa,” he says. “Well, you’re not gonna be laughing for very long ’cause I talked to them.”

That’s right. Swoll didn’t stop at publicly humiliating the giggling trio, who secretly recorded the other woman while they laughed maliciously in the sauna. Instead, after taking notice of the Instagram location tag of the spa, he directly messaged Champneys Spas. In a direct message to the business, Swoll condemned the spa guests. Apparently, Champneys wasn’t too happy to find out what the women had done.

Joey Swoll
Joey Swoll shared the response he received from the spa, stating the guilty women were banned. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After hearing the bodybuilder’s complaints, Champneys, a luxury spa “with leading health and fitness breaks” primarily centered in the UK but with locations around the world, banned the woman from their properties, promising to investigate the disturbing situation. Joey Swoll said that he hoped the woman who was recorded would press charges against the women who invaded her privacy.

It would seem that the spa was willing to assist in making that happen. Responding to Swoll’s direct message, Champneys let the fitness influencer know that they had not only banned the women from their properties but had also reported the incident to the authorities.

“We are absolutely appalled and so upset by the actions of these individuals. Champneys is a place that prides itself on being somewhere to relax and unwind in a safe and comfortable environment, we do not condone or accept any conduct that puts our guests at risk,” the spa said. “We have identified the guests, banned them from our properties, and reported the incident to the police. Rest assured, we are reviewing our procedures and policies to ensure this does not happen again.”

Joey Swoll censored the woman who was unknowingly recorded by other spa-goers, but the original poster was not so kind, having shared the woman’s uncovered image on social media. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

After Joey Swoll told the guilty women what they “need to do better” and to “mind your business,” angry viewers, who were also upset by the incident, sounded off in the comments, agreeing with Swoll and saying the women should face criminal charges.

“They should be in jail. Tag them,” some said.

“That’s a straight up FELONY 😳 Haul them off to prison! Where the hell do people get the absolute AUDACITY to do something like this?” another person went off.

“Then wonder why some women are afraid of gyms and public spaces. It’s not always about men. Women are mean in a very different way,” one comment read.

As backlash began rolling in, the woman filming allegedly messaged Swoll, but not to apologize. Instead, the fitness influencer said she told him to “take the post down immediately,” to which he said, “No.” Some people don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot. This woman used her camera to hurt and humiliate another human, recording her in her most vulnerable state. I guess this is a good reminder to do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Had this threesome followed the golden rule, they wouldn’t be learning the hard way that when someone does you like you’ve done others, you won’t get much sympathy.