Woman Dumps Husband For Boy Toy, Humiliated By His True Intentions

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While on an Egyptian vacation with her husband of 20 years, a woman abandoned her faithful partner for a young local who made her feel “beautiful.” However, just weeks after ditching her spouse, her new boy toy revealed a plot that left her utterly humiliated.

Joanna Girling, 45, abandoned her husband for a young local while on vacation in Egypt. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

When 45-year-old Joanna Girling and her husband left for an exciting expedition to Sharm-El-Sheikh in Egypt, the couple had no idea that the trip would prove life-changing in more ways than one. While enjoying the exotic beauty of the Saharan nation, something else happened to catch her eye.

Whenever her husband was out of sight, Girling says that 24-year-old Hassan Kahlied took a break from waiting tables to flirt with her, The Sun reports. Of course, she was instantly flattered by the attention, as she claims that her marriage had been void of physical intimacy. As such, it wasn’t difficult for the swarthy charmer to convince her to get away for a romantic rendezvous the next day.

“We were talking and he made me feel sexy for the first time in years. I began sneaking out in the afternoon to meet him while John was lounging by the pool,” she said. “I wanted to sleep with him from the first day I met him, but Hassan said that we’d need a fake marriage certificate first. Egypt is strict about premarital sex so we couldn’t rent a room together without one.”

Joanna Girling
The 45-year-old was convinced to leave her husband of 20 years by 24-year-old Hassan Kahlied. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Without hesitation, Girling abandoned the love of her life of the last 20 years for her new beau. Of course, she justified her infidelity by blaming the fact that she and her husband hadn’t been intimate for a decade. After just 2 months at home, Girling decided to pack up and move back to Egypt with her boyfriend. In order to legally live with Kahlied, as fornication is forbidden, the pair obtained a fake marriage license and rented an apartment.

When Girling arrived in Egypt, she presented Kahlied with expensive gifts, including designer shoes, clothes, aftershave, and alcohol. However, as soon as she moved in, he convinced her to hand over all her money, claiming that it was an integral part of his culture for men to handle the finances.

“At first I was surprised, but he explained that it was the custom in Egypt for men to deal with the money. He said he wanted to look after me so I handed over all my cash,” she said.

“We were having sex all the time, we just couldn’t get enough of each other,” she said. “But after a couple of weeks, Hassan kept disappearing for days at a time, saying he needed to visit his family.”

After giving him all her money, she soon discovered her new boy toy wanted nothing more to do with her. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Suspicious of his behavior, Girling asked neighbors where Kahlied was going. It was then that she discovered his plan to lure her back to Egypt had nothing to do with his professions of love for her. In fact, he was already planning to spend the rest of his life with someone else, according to the Daily Mail.

“One [neighbour] said that he thought Hassan had gone home to have an engagement party as he was due to get married,” Joanna said. “I was devastated but over text Hassan insisted it wasn’t true and when he returned after 10 days he denied it.”

Kahlied denied the rumor and convinced Girling to take him back. He then asked her to return home in order to make more money for their expenses. Hesitant, Girling agreed and booked a flight. However, as soon as she landed, Hassan texted her with his real feelings.

“I want you know me marriage Egyptian woman,” Kahlied wrote, explaining that he had only used her and that she was too “old” and “fat.”

“What I did wrong for you not to love me anymore?” she asked. “Why you say I am fat?”

“How me can marriage you? You very old,” he responded.

“You said you loved me. Why lie to me?” she replied. “Please speak to me Hassan. Why am I [too] old & [too] fat???”

Joanna Girling
Just a few months after her boyfriend left her, Joanna Girling began dating another local, 38-year-old Hysm Feygo. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Kahlied eventually stopped responding to Girling and even blocked her on social media. Since Girling had nothing to return home to, she decided to move back to Egypt, landing a job as a nursery worker in Hurghada. Incredibly, it wasn’t long before she was swooning over yet another younger local.

After only 3 months back in the country, Girling began dating 38-year-old shopkeeper Hysm Feygo. Once again, she fell head over heels for the local man, admitting that they immediately engaged in an illegal sexual relationship and are living together with another fake marriage license. The couple is now trying to have a baby.

“I can’t quite grasp what it is but there’s just something about him, he makes me feel comfortable and, from the moment we met, it was like we’d known each other a long time,” she said. “Most of my family has disowned me, they haven’t spoken to me since I returned to Egypt. They think I’m foolish to be with him but I don’t care. This is like a second chance for me.”

Joanna Girling
Joanna Girling now lives with her new boyfriend, which is illegal in Egyptian law. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Girling continues to endanger her life in Egypt by hiding her illegal relationship under a fake marriage license. In fact, she isn’t even officially divorced from her husband of 20 years, which could earn her a charge of adultery in the Sharia-governed country.

In a desperate quest for acceptance and worth, Girling has allowed herself to be used. Hopefully, she will make her current situation right by the law so that she doesn’t end up broke, devastated, or in prison.