Crash Shows Why It’s A Bad Idea To Cut Across Lanes Before An Exit

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The highway can be a dangerous place, especially for those who don’t know the rules of the road. Weaving in and out of traffic is never a good idea, but it’s exceptionally bad to cut across lanes before you exit. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. A video has proved it beyond a doubt, and it’s one that many drivers need to see.

Jasmien Claeys Has Horrific Crash After Cutting Across Lanes Before An Exit
Jasmien Claeys cuts across traffic in her Ford Focus. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Jasmien Claeys found out why it’s a bad idea to cut across lanes of traffic right before hitting the highway exit. You might just hit something else. Claeys found this out firsthand when she was involved in a horrific crash that was a direct result of her poor decision to zip across multiple lanes as she attempted to exit the freeway.

Little did Claeys know, as she sped across two lanes to enter the exit, there was a traffic jam up ahead. And, what you don’t know, can indeed hurt you in this case. Sadly, this was another lesson Claeys learned the hard way.

Jasmien Claeys Has Horrific Crash After Cutting Across Lanes Before An Exit
Jasmien Claeys smashes into a stationary truck in her Ford Focus. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

All it takes is mere seconds for the video to prove why Claeys’ common, yet dangerous, maneuvers were a bad idea as viewers watch the dash camera footage, caught by another vehicle. To our horror and astonishment, the driver recklessly cuts across three lanes of traffic to make it to an off-ramp at the last second, not knowing what’s waiting in the far lane.

Although most of us already know this is a horrible idea, the video that surfaced out of Belgium shows us just what can happen when highway safety isn’t followed. The graphic imagery drives home a point too many drivers ignore. But, be warned, it will give you chills.

The driver of the Ford Focus, identified as 25-year-old Jasmien Claeys from Kalken, crashed full force into the stationary truck while driving on the E40 in Aalter. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her Focus was then hit by the truck with the dashcam that was coming from behind and captured the footage. The small car was demolished as parts of it, as well as the belongings that were inside, are scattered all over the road.

According to Jalopnik, Claeys miraculously survived the multiple-impact wreck after she slammed into the back of the truck with her Ford Focus and was nearly crushed by the second truck. However, she certainly didn’t escape unscathed. As a result of the horrific crash, Claeys ended up in a coma for some time, according to Carscoops.

After crashing into the first truck, Jasmien Claeys is struck by a second. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Claeys also suffered a shattered hand and two broken vertebrae, but she is happy — and no doubt lucky — to be alive. “I have been extremely lucky,” she told the Belgian news outlet HLN after waking from her coma and seeing the footage of her accident, according to a Google translation. “But seeing these images again, and especially reading those reactions, is very confronting.”

Drivers need to remember that they’re not the only ones on the road and take an extra five seconds to be sure they’re not doing anything dangerous. Arriving at your destination a few extra moments later isn’t going to ruin your day, but it could likely save your life. After all, it’s better to be late than it is to never arrive at all. And, the aftermath, seen in the image below, proves that point further.

Jasmien Claeys Has Horrific Crash After Cutting Across Lanes Before An Exit
Jasmien Claeys’ Ford Focus after the crash (Photo Credit: Imgur)

Although this all seems like it would be common sense, you’ve likely seen similar maneuvers on roads near you. These reckless drivers aren’t just putting themselves at risk. It could be a family with young children in the car that they crash into. Maybe seeing this will make them rethink their actions, so be sure to share it on social media to make others aware.

Changing lanes shouldn’t be a last-minute decision. It should be done with caution and only after ensuring the other lanes are clear. If you don’t have an unobstructed view of what’s ahead, you shouldn’t be whipping your vehicle into that area blindly. So, to every single human being who’s ever cut across multiple lanes to rush to their highway exit: Be warned, this could happen to you.