James Woods’ Response To Photo Of 1st Transgender Admiral

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James Woods made a brutal assessment of a bizarre photo of the first transgender rear admiral. “If ever one photo captured the madness,” Woods said in his post that went viral.

James Woods
James Woods (Credit: YouTube)

Rachel Levine, the first transgender female four-star admiral in the U.S. Health Service Commissioned Corps, posted a photo to Twitter. Since James Woods, a conservative actor, severely shredded the image, it has received millions of views.

“Now that I am 65, I followed [the CDC’s] new recommendation allowing an additional updated (bivalent) vaccine dose for adults ages 65 years and older,” Levine wrote. “This also allows more flexibility for healthcare providers to administer additional doses to immunocompromised patients as needed.”

James Woods didn’t think anyone would be persuaded to get a booster by the “bizarre picture” Levine had uploaded. Woods was severe in his evaluation, but he went even further. “If ever one photo captured the madness of the COVID era,” Woods wrote, “might it be the leading male health officer of the United States wearing a skirt and getting injected in what appears to be a pediatric setting?”

In his blunt analysis of the peculiar snapshot, Woods created a stir. Admiral Levine disabled her comment section as Woods’ evaluation gained widespread attention and received millions of views. Levine’s medical advice may have generated some impulsive interest, but Woods’ statement on the subject is more likely to blame for the spike in traffic.

Social media users responded to Wood’s viral post. “Imagine the young men who stormed Normandy Beach and gave their lives so in the future this nonsense could happen. If they knew this they wouldn’t have gotten off the boats!” wrote one critic of the photo.

“It really does show the depravity and sickness of this administration! Never in my life did I ever believe we would be where we are today. It’s sick….” posted one James Woods fan. Another critic wrote, “The parents of both my wife and I have long since passed away, and we find ourselves asking (almost daily!) ‘Can you imagine what our parents would think if they were still on this earth?’ The USA is at its TIPPING POINT.” Others noted the irony of a sign in the background of the photo that said: “No cameras, no cell phones, no video.”

James Woods has one of the most popular Twitter accounts for conservatives. One of his fans asked: “What are your tweets designed to do?” The Oscar-nominated actor responded with: “Really good question. I like provoking conversations about the arts and world events. In regards to the latter, now that corporate media are essentially sucker fish to the Democrat shark, I find Twitter a better and more reliable source of actual daily news.”

Woods is equally forthright about his opinions on the current political scene and the usage of children for political gains. “Every fascist government, every communist government — two political extremes promoted by the worst amongst us — share one thing in common: they always go after control of the children, rabidly subverting parental rights,” he wrote.

James Woods
James Woods (Credit: Screenshot)

James Woods also believes persons in positions of political influence are using certain issues for nefarious ends. “There is something massive they are hiding,” he posted. “Whenever the left throws up all this chaff, you know there’s something afoot. ‘Gender’ nonsense, trillion-dollar ‘reparations,’ all the fake hysteria is designed to distract from something big and truly bad.”

In addition to being a well-known Hollywood actor who has been in numerous movies, Woods is an excellent scholar. He went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studied political science, before making his way to Hollywood. He is rumored to have an IQ of 180 and received scores of 800 on the verbal and 779 on the math sections of the SAT.