Parents Left Baby In Field, They ‘Didn’t Have Emotional Connection’

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A 2-month-old baby was left in a Wisconsin field by her parents after the couple decided they had no “emotional connection” to her. However, despite their crimes, they were given a sentence that has sparked outrage.

Jalissa Adams Frison
Two-month-old Jalissa Adams-Frison was abandoned by her parents in a field in Kenosha. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Police were horrified when they uncovered evidence of the horrific death of a newborn baby after the child’s parents pointed them to a field in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Hezile Frison, 37, confessed that authorities would find the body of 2-month-old Jalissa Adams-Frison stuffed in a drawstring bag and tucked away in the overgrowth. What they discovered was the stuff of nightmares.

Investigators found the sack, but it had been slashed open “as if clawed at by an animal” attempting to get to its contents, according to Kenosha News. Jalissa’s remains were never found. Along with the father, 22-year-old Monica Adams was arrested and charged with the death of her young daughter.

Jalissa Adams Frison
Detectives discovered a bag that looked to be torn open by an animal but never found the baby’s remains. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

The parents were reported by a relative who had taken in Frison and Adams and was also caring for their child in Milwaukee. The relative told investigators that Jalisa’s parents “didn’t have an emotional connection with the child,” which concerned her, even more, when she awoke one morning to discover the child missing and her parents complacent about the disappearance, WKRC reports.

After being questioned by authorities, Frison broke down and “became emotional.” After multiple lies, he finally admitted that Jalissa was dead and that he had hidden her body in a field. Adams also reportedly gave several conflicting accounts of how the baby died, including blaming Frison for accidentally smothering her overnight as they all slept in the same bed.

Hezile Frison received just two-and-a-half years in prison. (Photo Credit: Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department)

Frison and Adams were charged with conspiring to cover up the baby’s death and hiding her corpse. Frison was charged with failure to report the death of a child, moving or hiding her body, and two counts of giving false information. Adams faced six similar charges. Since authorities had no body and no physical evidence of her death, the parents dodged any charges relating to killing their daughter.

Frison received just two-and-a-half years in prison and five years of extended supervision for his involvement in the death and coverup of his own daughter. Even more outrageous was Adams’ sentence, which consisted of four years of probation and nine months in jail. Adams was also granted privileges under Huber’s law, which allows her to leave jail during the day to work.

Monica Adams was sentenced to nine months in jail and will be allowed to leave during the day to work. (Photo Credit: Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department)

Detectives were never able to prove how Jalissa died. However, they concluded that it’s possible she was either accidentally suffocated while co-sleeping with her parents or had passed away inexplicably from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

During the investigation, authorities seized Frison’s cell phone and uncovered disturbing evidence that he had planned to hide Jalissa’s body in the hopes that animals would dispose of her remains.

A search of Frison’s cell phone revealed a number of Internet searches related to infant fatality and conviction including: “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome”, “What’s the law in Kenosha if a baby dies?”, “What type of wild animals are found in Kenosha?” and “What is the only way a parent can not go to jail if a baby dies?”

Authorities didn’t have enough evidence to charge the couple directly with the death Jalissa Adams-Frison and have never found the child’s body. (Photo Credit: Provided)

Adams maintains that she had nothing to do with her daughter’s death and that Frison was solely responsible. However, both parents repeatedly lied to authorities about the cause of Jalissa’s death and even led them to a false location before taking them to the field in which they abandoned their innocent child.

As it seems, Frison and Adams are finally rid of the baby that inconvenienced their lives, and they only have to spend a short time behind bars to pay for it. Sadly, little Jalissa’s short time on this earth came to an end at the indifference of the two people who should’ve loved and cared for her more than anyone else.