Ex-Commando Sees Predators Harassing 2 Girls, Uses His Fighting Skills

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When a pair of women pleaded with a former army commando to save them from a gang of sexual predators, the 7-foot-tall, 285-pound strongman left the attackers with something they’ll never forget.

Ivan Jurcevic
When a pair of women came to Ivan Jurcevic for help, their attackers never knew what hit them. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

While walking along the streets of Cologne, Germany, a pair of young women were savagely attacked by a group of Arab men. As the men sexually harassed them, the girls managed to flee their abusers, running toward a nearby hotel for help. Incredibly, the terrified young women had run into former Croatian Army commando Ivan Jurcevic, who retired from his military career to live out his dream as an action film star and five-time world champion kickboxer.

Fortunately for them, Jurcevic possessed a “particular set of skills” that would leave their attackers begging for mercy. The 7-foot, 285-pound modern-day Hercules just happened to be working as the doorman for the Hotel Excelsior that night when he seized the opportunity to live out his movie roles in real life — much to the dismay of the prowling sexual deviants.

Ivan Jurcevic
Ivan Jurcevic (center) is a former Croatian Army commando, five-time world champion kickboxer, and action film star. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

According to MailOnline, Jurcevic explained that when the gang of “drunken, lecherous Arabs” told him “not to interfere” with the sexual endeavor, he decided to deal with the attackers himself. Emulating one of his characters in an action role, Jurcevic took out the harassers one-by-one.

Speaking to MailOnline, Mr Jurcevic said, “There were four of them, young men in their 20s, speaking Arabic. They told me not to interfere, that the girls were ‘theirs.’ The girls looked like they worked in a bank, they were wearing jeans and coats, nothing provocative, they were really frightened. I told them to stand behind me.”

Since the men refused to back down, Jurcevic was forced to physically defend himself and the women. Luckily, the kickboxing champ was well-prepared for this exact type of confrontation.

“Then the loudest member of the gang came at me with a bottle so I kicked him in the chest and sent him flying. Another came at me so I slapped him across the face and he went over as well.”

Ivan Jurcevic
Ivan Jurcevic (right) summoned his extensive military and kickboxing training to take out the attackers one-by-one. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Ivan Jurcevic concluded that, after taking out two of the attackers, there were only two men left to fight. Having seen what his accomplices had suffered, the apparent leader wisely decided against dueling with the muscle-bound hero.

“The leader drew his finger across his throat and told me he would be back to kill me. I stood my ground and they went on their way.”

Jurcevic was arrested when he later decided to join a group of vigilantes who volunteered to patrol the streets of Cologne in defense against sex attackers. However, he remains a legend across Germany known as the “Hero of Cologne.”

“They said these Arab men would not leave them alone. What else could I do? Later the girls went into the hotel to hide.”

Ivan Jurcevic
Ivan Jurcevic (far-left and far-right) is currently pursuing a successful career in acting. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Thanks to the intrepid and chivalrous protector, the women managed to avoid a grim assault. For them and many others, Ivan Jurcevic is the epitome of the archetypal hero, and rightfully so.

Although he is pursuing his successful acting career, Jurcevic is still willing to help anyone in need. Beloved by many, the versatile strongman continues to engage in roles that complement his brawn and fearlessness.