Elderly Man Welcomes Homeless Teen Into Home, Big Mistake

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After an elderly man fed a homeless teen and welcomed him into his home, he got one incredibly nasty “thank you” when the freeloader “greeted” him in his garage.

Isaiah James Thompson
Isaiah James Thompson, an 18-year-old homeless teenager, had a terrible way of “thanking” an elderly man who had helped him. (Stock photo for visual representation only: Pixabay)

Isaiah James Thompson, an 18-year-old homeless teenager, was living on the streets of Astoria when Oregon police say an elderly man tried to help the teen by purchasing McDonald’s food for him three or four times and eventually letting him get cleaned up at his home. Unfortunately, Thompson had a nasty way of expressing his “gratitude.” Rather than thanking the elderly man for his help, the teen almost killed him instead.

According to the Seaside Police Department, when Thompson saw the 80-year-old good Samaritan, who had previously bought food for him, on a Friday, he asked the elderly man for help and to buy drugs, ABC15 reported. Rather than comply with the teen’s request, he brought Thompson to his home, offered him a beer, and let him shower and get dressed, a probable cause affidavit said. Unfortunately, his hospitality wasn’t enough for the teen.

The good Samaritan bought Isaiah James Thompson McDonald’s three or four times in the past and welcomed him into his home. (Stock image for visual representation only: Screenshot)

Instead of being thankful for the help he received, Thompson reportedly waited in the garage, where he greeted his soon-to-be victim with a chain and a padlock. After demanding the elderly man hand over the keys to his Mustang and the man refusing, Thomspon allegedly beat the 80-year-old with the chain and padlock, striking him around his head between 20 to 30 times. Sadly, he wasn’t done there.

In addition to the brutal chain and padlock beating, Thompson also reportedly stabbed the unnamed man before he allegedly stole his victim’s car and sped away. Meanwhile, the 80-year-old elderly man, who had previously helped the teen, was left to die. Thankfully, however, he had a will to live and somehow mustered enough strength to crawl to a neighbor’s house to ask for help, The Blaze reported.

Isaiah James Thompson greeted the good Samaritan in his garage, armed with a chain and padlock. (Stock image for visual representation only: Pixabay)

After the neighbor called 911, a manhunt for the suspect was launched, and eventually, police spotted the teen speeding at about 100 mph in the victim’s Mustang. Police attempted to pull the car over, but Thomspon allegedly refused to stop. He eventually crashed the car but was still able to get away on foot. That’s when law enforcement brought in the big dogs, literally.

“They had three K-9s that were helping track this person, just because of the severity of what he was wanted for, and unfortunately, they didn’t find him,” Washington County Detective Shannon Wilde explained. Shockingly, it would be Thompson’s own mother who would help authorities catch the suspect in this case.

After seeing a press release about the crime, the suspect’s mother contacted police, saying she believed her son was the attacker, The Blaze reported. Although Fox12 did not give details about the arrest, the outlet reported that Isaiah James Thompson was “taken into custody on a Washington County warrant for eluding police.” The chain with the padlock that was allegedly used in the attack was found in his possession, police said.

Isaiah James Thompson was transferred to Clatsop County Jail for charges of second-degree attempted murder, unlawful use of a weapon, first-degree robbery, unauthorized use of a vehicle, eluding, and reckless driving, according to Fox12 with The Blaze adding that he was also charged with “criminal trespass over the alleged car chase.”

Isaiah James Thompson
Isaiah James Thompson (Photo Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Oregon)

As for the unnamed victim, it was reported that he was hospitalized in critical condition, having been stabbed in the lung and also receiving numerous open wounds and lacerations on his head, face, and arms, according to ABC15. Lucky to have survived, he was reportedly able to identify Isaiah James Thompson in a police photo lineup, according to the affidavit. Miraculously, he was eventually released from the hospital.

If you’ve ever wondered why people are so hesitant to help their fellow man, look no further than degenerates like Isaiah James Thompson, who brazenly gave a good Samaritan a nearly fatal “thank-you” for his help. No one deserves to be greeted on their own property with a chain and padlock, especially not an elderly man who has fed you and welcomed you into his home.