Driver Won’t Stop Littering — Didn’t Notice Brawny Trucker Behind Him

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An arrogant driver wouldn’t stop littering, and it was all caught on video. As you watch the footage, look to the right to see the driver get what he deserves.

Drivers had no idea what was about to happen as a traffic jam began to form on an unnamed roadway. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Facebook video)

Everyone has a different idea about the best way to take care of the Earth. However, most would agree that we should have zero tolerance for littering. While most of us aren’t exactly saints when it comes to recycling, we still don’t think it’s okay to treat the world we live in like a giant trashcan.

Reasonable, responsible people just don’t litter. That’s a behavior reserved for the inconsiderate and lazy. While we could all stand to “go green” a little more, mature adults just don’t litter. Anyone who does cave to such laziness and resorts to using nature as their personal dump should at least feel some shame. However, one littering driver had none at all.

Moment lorry driver throws rubbish back into littering tourists car
Trash begins to fly out the window of the white van as its driver shamelessly litters during a traffic jam. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Facebook video)

Stuck in traffic, this miscreant was none too shy about letting the garbage fly. With an audience behind him, he chucked one piece of trash after another from his window, as if there was nothing wrong with what he was doing, and it was all caught on the dashcam video of a vehicle that was waiting in the line of traffic behind the van.

Apparently, with each piece of waste, someone watching was getting increasingly agitated. Finally, the despicable display was enough to put them over the edge, and they decided to do something about the littering. That’s about the time justice comes walking up on the righthand side of the screen, ready to give the guy what he deserves.

In the video shared to Facebook by Tomek Thomson, which was captured by a trucker’s dashboard camera during a traffic jam, the driver of a white van proves that he has no regard for the environment or the people around him.

According to a translation of the video’s caption, the man in the van is a “foreigner,” identified as “most likely a Belarusian or Ukrainian.” Regardless, he starts throwing loads of trash out his car window with several items flying out of the vehicle, one after another, and landing in the grass by the side of the road.

Moment lorry driver throws rubbish back into littering tourists car
The trucker approaches from the right of the screen, ready to give the guy in the van what he deserves for littering. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Facebook video)

As the trucker watched the scene unfold in front of him, he became increasingly fed-up to the point he got out of his truck, prepared to take matters into his own hands. As he approached the van from the right of the screen, we can tell from his body language that he was none too pleased.

Then, the muscular man reaches down to grab a handful of the inconsiderate idiot’s trash before proceeding to launch it right back at the disrespectful degenerate. After throwing some of the trash back into the car from which it came, the trucker goes on to give the driver the tongue-lashing he deserves, even though we don’t have the privilege of hearing it.

Moment lorry driver throws rubbish back into littering tourists car
An occupant of the van, possibly the driver, exits the vehicle and returns after gathering up the trash that was just chucked out the window. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Facebook video)

I imagine he had a thing or two to say about showing people and places the proper respect. And, it must have worked since one of the van’s occupants is seen exiting the vehicle, only to return after gathering up the rest of his trash and returning it to his car from the side of the road.

Hopefully, this was a real wake-up call for the man in the van and any fellow litterbugs who see this video. Such behavior won’t go unnoticed or unchecked, so if you don’t want a brawny trucker ripping you a new one, dispose of your garbage properly. We commend this truck driver. If you do too and also think he did the right thing, hit the share button. Give people a reason to think twice before chucking their trash out the window for someone else to clean up.

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