Man Woken By Barking Dogs, Woman Is Stuck In His Windshield

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When a man woke to the sound of barking dogs, he never imagined what he’d look out his window to find. A woman was trapped up to her waist in his car windshield. A police rescue ensued, and it was all caught on video.

A woman, high on PCP, began yelling in the street. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

An unnamed man was awakened by his dog’s barking while sleeping in his Dover, Delaware home only to then hear the screams of a woman, who was high on PCP and calling out in the street, according to Viral Hog. As if a drug addict, yelling loudly outside your home, isn’t troubling enough, things only got worse when he went to investigate.

The situation became even more concerning and bizarre as he looked out his window and spotted the woman, dressed in a grey T-shirt, who was making the commotion. The unnamed woman, who the man says he did not know, was lodged up to her waist in the broken windshield of his red four-door sedan.

The woman, high on PCP, began yelling at cops who arrived at the scene. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

As she stood with her feet and legs in the stranger’s car, which was parked outside on the residential street, her head and torso protruded from a hole in the windshield, and it wouldn’t be long before police and paramedics got involved. But, they had their work cut out for them.

As the woman hung from the broken glass of the car’s windshield, she shouted profanities at someone named “Tiffany” and screamed in frustration. The unfortunate vehicle owner grabbed his phone and recorded the bizarre scene as it played out just outside his home. “You b****!” the woman shrieks in the footage.

“What’s up? What the f*** is up, b****! Come and see me!” she yelled. Someone soon came to see her alright, but it wasn’t “Tiffany.” Within a minute of the man beginning to film the bizarre incident, a police officer arrived at the scene and politely asked the woman to get out of the car, but she ignored the officer’s request.

Instead, the woman, high on PCP, continued to hurl abusive profanities at a possibly imaginary Tiffany, who’s never seen in the clip. “I’m your b****,” the woman is heard telling “Tiffany” before turning her attention to the police officers who responded to the scene.

Man Wakes To Screams, Finds Woman High On PCP Stuck In Windshield
Admitting she was high on PCP, she continues her tirade against officers. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Launching obscenities at the very people who were there to help her, the woman says, “So the f*** what?” as she attempts to downplay the ordeal after telling the cops that she’s high on PCP. She unabashedly admits that she recently smoked the synthetic drug that she referred to by the slang term “wet.”

“F*** you! I’m queen!” the woman, high on PCP, tells one of the responding cops. Seemingly unimpressed by her obvious delusions of grandeur, the officer asks the woman how she ended up in the windshield, according to Daily Mail. She fails to shed any light on the matter as she replies, “I don’t f***ing know!”

Man Wakes To Screams, Finds Woman High On PCP Stuck In Windshield
Eventually, things take a turn as she begins to sob. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
Man Wakes To Screams, Finds Woman High On PCP Stuck In Windshield
After calming her down, the officers attempt to get her out of the car. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Then, switching gears and saying she needs “her man Benny,” she breaks down in tears and starts to cry. Doubling over onto the hood of the car, she begins to sob. Fearing she is going to cut herself on the broken glass from the damaged windshield, the cops plead with her to stand up.

The police ultimately calm the woman down. Then, using a towel wrapped around the woman’s waist to prevent her from being cut by the broken glass from the windshield, the officers successfully extract her from the car. As the woman is finally rescued, she emerges from the sedan barefoot.

Man Wakes To Screams, Finds Woman High On PCP Stuck In Windshield
The cops use a towel to try to prevent her from cutting herself. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)
The woman, still high on PCP, emerges from the car barefoot and is then escorted to an ambulance. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Before the clip comes to an end, the EMS crew, who arrived to assist, is seen leading her to an ambulance. Although it’s unclear whether the woman has been charged with a crime in connection to her alleged drug use or the damage she inflicted on the car, one thing is obvious. Drugs are bad. If you don’t believe me, watch the video again.

While some might watch the clip with amusement, it reveals the sad reality of drug use. It’s far from the victimless crime some say it is. This woman damaged a man’s car and used taxpayer-funded resources for her rescue. In other words, we just paid for her bad decisions that began with the choice to get high on PCP. Her “victimless crime” affected multiple people, including you and me. And, I don’t find that very funny.

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