Transgender Woman Attacked & Molested Child In Denny’s Bathroom

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It took detectives five years to track down the suspect who attacked and molested a 10-year-old girl inside a Denny’s restaurant bathroom. The victim was now a teenager, and she begged the court for justice. Shockingly, the predator faces only a “slap on the wrist.”

Hannah Tubbs
Hannah Tubbs caught on camera entering Denny’s restaurant (left), LA District Attorney George Gascon (right) (Credit: LA County Sheriff’s Department, YouTube)

Hannah Tubbs, a transgender woman also known as James Tubbs, was about to turn 18-years-old when she spotted a 10-year-old girl entering a Denny’s bathroom. Tubbs followed the girl into the bathroom, trapped her inside a stall, held her by the throat, and forced her hand down the girl’s pants. Tubbs only stopped when someone came into the restroom, and then ran away before she could be stopped.

“The assault went on until someone walked into the restroom and scared him off. [Tubbs] fled from the restaurant, and [the suspect] went unidentified for several years until a cold DNA hit identified [Tubbs] as someone who was arrested in the state of Idaho,” said LA County Deputy District Attorney John McKinney. “During [Tubb’s] time on the run, McKinney says Tubbs amassed a lengthy criminal record that included assaults with deadly weapons and convictions. Tubbs was then brought back to Los Angeles for prosecution on the sexual assault of the 10-year-old girl.”

Hannah Tubbs

By the time Tubbs was brought back to California, she was 26-years-old and had transitioned fully as “Hannah Tubbs.” At the preliminary hearing to sentence Tubbs, who pleaded guilty, the child victim provided a written statement to the judge that was read out loud in court. She asked the judge to impose a sentence that Tubbs “deserved.”

“I just wanted to forget I’m part of any of this,” said the victim in her statement. “And I’m constantly reminded of my past because of this case. I live in fear most of the time, and although it’s something that I tried to tell myself isn’t my fault, I could never truly believe it. I feel that I’m to blame somehow when I know deep down that isn’t the case. I chose not to come into court because I couldn’t stand the thought of having to see my attacker’s face again. And I hope, after all of this comes to an end my attacker gets the punishment he deserves for attacking a child with no problem and I can finally get on with my life.”

District Attorney George Gascon Protest (Credit: YouTube)

The victim also said she had to undergo therapy because the sexual assault she experienced has left her feeling worthless, powerless, and sometimes suicidal. The community was outraged after it was learned that Hannah Tubbs would not be prosecuted as an adult and “faced a no-jail wrist-slap sentence,” New York Post reported.

“While Tubbs is now 26, at the time of the assault, he was 17 just a few days shy of his 18th birthday,” Fox News reported. LA County District Attorney George Gascon has a policy of not charging anyone under 18 as an adult.

“What is happening is our district attorney is ushering [Tubbs] right out the door, back onto the streets of this county and God knows where else he might roam. It’s madness, it makes a mockery of our criminal justice system,” said Deputy District Attorney John McKinney.

Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail (Credit: YouTube)

Longtime prosecutor Jon Hatami told Fox News that LA District Attorney George Gascon — and other progressive prosecutors across the country — needed to be voted out. “Nobody should have a district attorney who refuses to file charges against murderers and rapists and child abusers to the fullest extent of the law. That person does not deserve to be the DA,” said Hatami, a fellow LA prosecutor.

Gascon told the Daily Mail he was concerned Hannah Tubbs could be victimized in an adult facility as a transgender woman and said a probation report recommended she be sentenced to home confinement. On the other hand, Kathryn Barger, on the board of supervisors for Los Angeles County’s Fifth District, said the family of the young girl attacked by Tubbs deserved justice. “It’s useless to catch criminals like Hannah Tubbs if we don’t follow through and seek justice for victims such as the 10-year-old girl she sexually assaulted,” said Barger. “She bears the burden of a lifetime of trauma.”