Man Jailed For Attacking Girl In Bathroom, Inmate Shows Him How It Feels

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After sexually assaulting a girl multiple times in a park bathroom, a child molester was given a light prison sentence. However, despite his short stay, a fellow inmate decided to use his time behind bars to make the pedophile feel just as helpless as his child victim.

Hamzeh Bahrami
Hamzeh Bahrami (right) was convicted of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl multiple times in a park bathroom. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Hamzeh Bahrami, an immigrant from Afghanistan, was arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl at a park in Australia after his victim came forward. She told investigators that the 33-year-old man threatened and molested her multiple times inside a restroom stall as his own young daughter and niece peeked under the door, ABC reports. Bahrami reportedly covered the girl’s mouth with tape and bound her hands behind her head during the attack.

Initially, Bahrami accused his child victim of lying, even going as far as allowing his innocent brother to be arrested in his place. Later, he attempted to garner the sympathy of the court by blaming the sexual abuse he witnessed during his childhood in Afghanistan. Disturbingly, his excuse seemed to work as the judge sentenced him to just 4 years and 9 months in prison, which would allow him to apply for release with less than half the time served.

“As a child in Afghanistan I witnessed several acts of brutal physical abuse of other children and the fact that I have since caused so much damage to an innocent child fills me with shame. I fully accept that I may spend many years behind bars for my crimes but I hope that upon my eventual release I will become a positive contributor to the community once again.”

Hamzeh Bahrami
The convicted pedophile was cornered in a shower stall by a fellow inmate who had heard about his crimes. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Although Bahrami’s sentence will be over in no time, his punishment isn’t going to be as easy as he expected. In fact, shortly after being locked up at the Adelaide City Watch House, the convicted pedophile was initiated into the prison by a fellow inmate who had heard about Bahrami’s heinous acts.

After being informed by a police officer of Bahrami’s crimes, 26-year-old inmate Bradley Daniele sought to make the convicted molester feel just as helpless and scared as the little girl he abused. Just as Bahrami had done to his child victim, Daniele cornered him alone in the bathroom and unleashed a relentlessly brutal beating.

For a grueling 20 seconds, Daniele rains down blow after blow on the naked pedophile, mercilessly beating him until a guard arrives and discharges pepper spray in the shower stall. Later, Daniele videoed his reason for brutalizing Bahrami and uploaded the footage to social media.

“It was put on the news that it’s a brutal bashing and all, he’s the victim. How the f— is he a victim when he tried to f— a 10-year-old girl?” Daniele said in a video. At the time the footage was uploaded, Daniele said he would “do [it] over and over again if [he] had the chance” because he would not “stand for kids being abused.”

According to Perth Now, it is unknown how the CCTV footage of Bahrami’s beating was leaked to the public. However, Daniele was quick to take credit for the attack and reiterated that he would do it all again in a heartbeat.

“I’m not asking for anything from this post. 1 thing i will not stand for is kids being abused physically or mentallty (sic) and I will do this over and over again if I had the chance,” Daniele wrote on Facebook. “Im not here to spread volience (sic) or promote anything bad. Im Only trying to spread the word about making the streets safe so kids can go to the playground without having to be scared of bad things happening. We live in one of the best country’s in the world and this stuff shouldn’t be happening. Much love to use all (sic).”

Bradley Daniele said he was willing to stay in jail longer if it meant avenging Hamzeh Bahrami’s child victim. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Bradley Daniele has been charged with assault for the bathroom attack. However, he has said that he doesn’t care if he goes to jail again because he was avenging an innocent little girl. A judge extended his sentence after he pleaded guilty to the assault.

Disturbingly, Hamzeh Bahrami tried to use the attack as reasoning for his early release from prison. His attorney claimed that he deserves a discount on his sentence because he is routinely targeted.

Bradley Daniele’s sentence was extended after he pleaded guilty to assaulting Hamzeh Bahrami. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Hamzeh Bahrami suffered only minor injuries that didn’t require medical treatment. However, he still fears being attacked by other inmates now that his identity and subsequent conviction have been released.

While prison justice isn’t exactly the ideal type of justice, many believe it’s better than what the courts have done. Unfortunately for Bahrami, this probably isn’t his last bathroom encounter behind bars.