Man Assaults, Abuses ‘White’ Medics — Judge Rejects Hate Crime Charge

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While receiving medical aid for a severe head injury, a man began hurling racial slurs and physically assaulting “white” emergency responders. However, despite 15 previous convictions, including several racially aggravated crimes, the judge rejected the notion that the man had committed a hate crime.

A man was arrested after racially and physically abusing police officers and paramedics who were trying to help him. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

After receiving a call concerning 25-year-old Hamza Khan stumbling down the street at 3 in the morning, British police arrived at Heaton Road in Manningham to find the disoriented individual having trouble walking. Fearing that he might have suffered a head injury, paramedics were notified and responded promptly to the scene.

While attempting to help Khan, multiple emergency responders were subjected to his racist rants and violent outbursts. He reportedly hurled racial abuse at the “white” responders, calling one a “white b*st*rd,” another a “white motherf*cker,” and yet another a “white son of a b*tch.” He then proceeded to physically assault several responders as they tried to administer life-saving treatment.

Hamza Khan Assaults Racially Abuses White Medics Judge Rejects Hate Crime Charge
Hamza Khan, 25, spat at, physically assaulted, and racially abused several emergency responders attempting to treat him for a severe head injury. (Photo Credit: West Yorkshire Police)

Paramedics began aid on Khan, who appeared to have a serious head injury, before he launched a violent attack. According to The Telegraph and Argus, Khan kicked an officer in the chest, causing him to fall out of the police van. He also scratched up a female officer and stood up to fight a nurse.

Prosecutor Samreen Akhtar told the court, “He called officers ‘white motherf*cker’ and ‘white son of a b*tch’, and in the back of the police van he kicked an officer in the torso, causing him to fall out of the van backwards and land awkwardly. At the BRI (British Royal Infirmary), he told a poorly dementia patient to ‘f*ck off,’ and also got up off his stretcher to square up to a nurse. Police were called, and he called the officer a ‘white wh*re’ and ‘white b*tch.’ He also grabbed her leg and dug his nails in.”

After his arrest, Khan was charged with 4 counts of assault, one count of resisting an officer, and racially aggravated disorderly behavior. However, Judge Jonathan Gibson refused to consider his conduct a hate crime, leaving the repeat offender with just 14 months in jail.

Hamza Khan Assaults Racially Abuses White Medics Judge Rejects Hate Crime Charge
Despite previous racially aggravated convictions, Hamza Khan received 14 months in jail but was not charged with a hate crime. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Khan already has 15 prior convictions under his belt, several of which involve racially aggravated offenses. However, despite his history of racially motivated crimes, Judge Gibson didn’t consider the maximum sentence.

Prosecutor Samreen Akhtar told the court, “The paramedic continued to treat him, before Khan spat at him. The paramedic still continued to treat him, and Khan was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary. Throughout the journey he continued to be abusive.”

It seems as though Judge Gibson accepted the excuse presented by defense attorney Jayne Becket, who blamed her client’s alcohol and drug abuse for his behavior. She claimed that Khan is typically introverted until he becomes intoxicated.

Becket said, “He is meek and mild-mannered when sober, but after drinking turns into a different beast. He knows he is out of control when drinking and needs to stop drinking and taking drugs.”

Hamza Khan kicked a male officer backward out of a police van and dug his nails into a female officer’s leg. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Although Judge Gibson expressed a zero-tolerance attitude toward Khan’s most recent offenses, the sentencing didn’t appear to showcase such intolerance. As such, prosecutor Philip Davies has called for the court to extend Khan’s sentence.

“It’s completely unacceptable. I spend a lot of time out with the police. It’s not just police officers though, it’s people who drive ambulances, paramedics, etc. You see that danger that they put themselves in on a daily basis. I just feel the support they get from the law should reflect a lot better the things they do and the risks they take. It’s just unacceptable.”

Before handing down the sentence, Judge Gibson chastised Khan for his behavior. However, the justice made no mention of the convict’s repeat offenses, leading many to believe that his prior convictions weren’t taken into consideration during sentencing.

While sentencing Khan, Judge Jonathan Gibson said, “Assaults on emergency workers cannot be tolerated. They are entitled to go to work without the fear they will be assaulted or racially abused. You caused pain and upset to those just trying to do their jobs and upset to people in the emergency room.”

Hamza Khan spat on and squared up with nurses attempting to treat his injury. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

Although Khan has been reprimanded to prison for just over a year, there’s a good chance that he won’t serve the entire sentence. Additionally, there’s little reason to believe that he has learned his lesson, especially since he’s committed over a dozen similar offenses.

The sentence has left many to believe that Khan’s racially aggravated crimes have been overlooked because of the racial identities of the perpetrator and the victims. However, there’s no dispute that such abuse hurled at our emergency responders should be punished with greater conviction than what was handed down.

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