Muslim Accuses White Man Of Hate Crime, Footage Weakens His Story

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After refusing to deliver a customer’s order to their door, a Muslim DoorDash driver told police that the white homeowner had committed a hate crime. However, after the man was arrested, security footage of the incident threatens to disrupt the accuser’s entire narrative.

After a DoorDash delivery driver refused to take the order to the door, the situation escalated. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Half an hour after ordering pastries and coffee through DoorDash, Mike Anderson’s wife received a phone call telling her to come out and get her order at the end of the couple’s driveway. As it turns out, delivery driver Haarun Galbayte didn’t want to bring the food to the door, despite it being the instruction specifically noted on the order ticket.

After Anderson’s wife told Galbayte that they were to be delivered to their entryway, Anderson stepped outside to find the food sitting on their driveway. Apparently, this was the second time within a week that Galbayte had refused to deliver to their door. It was then that a confrontation ensued — one that would land the homeowner in handcuffs.

Haarun Galbayte Muslim Accuses White Man Of Hate Crime Security Footage Weakens His Story
Haarun Galbayte has accused the homeowner of punching him in the head and hurling racial epithets. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Anderson admits that he yelled “Hey!” at Galbayte, hurled a few expletives to show his irritation, and said, “It’s called DoorDash, okay? It’s not that complicated.” He says that’s when Galbayte got out of his vehicle, walked up to him, and spat in his face from “point-blank range.”

Anderson also told WCCO he never uttered any slurs at Galbayte — a Muslim — and never touched him, “I never said anything about referencing his ethnicity, his country of origin, his race, his religion.”

However, Galbayte’s story is completely different. The driver claims that Anderson punched him in the head 3 times before hurling racial slurs and telling him to “go back to your country.” He says that it was after the alleged assault that he called 911 and reported the incident to South Lake Minnetonka Police.

“I told him, you know, when he said, ‘Go back to your home,’ and I said, ‘I came from Eden Prairie, I live there,’ and then he said, ‘Eden Prairie is not your home. Go back to where you came from,’” Galbayte said.

Mike Anderson has already passed a polygraph test and turned over home security footage of the incident to the police. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

With a single phone call to police, Anderson was arrested on suspicion of fifth-degree assault before being booked in the Hennepin County Jail. However, the entire case could dramatically change now that Anderson has come forward with what he says will prove that Galbayte made up the accusations.

According to Anderson, he has turned over video evidence from his home security cameras to police, which he says will prove that Galbayte made an erroneous report and had him falsely arrested. On top of that, Anderson has already passed a polygraph test concerning the claims against him and plans to fight the charges with attorney Joe Tamburino, The Blaze reports.

Mike Anderson vows that the security footage will prove that Haarun Galbayte had him falsely arrested for assault. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Anderson maintains that he never made any comment regarding Galbayte’s race, religion, or country of origin. He also denies telling the driver to “go back” to his country.

DoorDash has responded to the media coverage of the incident and has taken the side of Galbayte. Additionally, the company acknowledges that it has banned Anderson from using its services and offered support to Galbayte.

“DoorDash was founded as a platform to connect people with possibility, and we do not tolerate any form of malicious, discriminatory or hateful behavior on our platform. We take the safety of our entire community extremely seriously and are cooperating with local law enforcement in this investigation. We have reached out to the Dasher to offer our support during his recovery, and have deactivated the customer from our platform.”

Haarun Galbayte Muslim Accuses White Man Of Hate Crime Security Footage Weakens His Story
Haarun Galbayte has teamed up with CAIR-MN and doubled down on his accusations. (Photo Credit: Screenshot)

Haarun Galbayte reached out to the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They held a press conference to outline Galbayte’s version of events and purported the allegations as fact while ignoring the security footage.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media did what they always do. They took a side before any solid evidence was released. If Mike Anderson disproves the allegations, he should sue Galbayte, DoorDash, and CAIR for this. False accusations should have consequences.

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