Goldberg And Behar: ‘Real Culprit’ Of Bad Economy Is GOP

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Whoopi Golberg and Joy Behar were reportedly “freaking out.” The ladies were adamant that the “real culprit” of inflation and the overall bad economy was the Republican Party and corporations. They also claimed most Americans don’t know this because the “media fails to report it.” This didn’t end well for the pair after Americans, who soundly disagreed, fired back.

Whoopi Goldberg claimed she “came across information out of the blue” about the bad economy. (Credit: YouTube)

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar took aim at the Republican Party and “big corporations” during an episode of The View, claiming those entities were responsible for the bad economy. Goldberg started out by blaming the media for not reporting on the “real culprit” behind soaring inflation.

“One of the things that has been making me crazy is when people say, ‘Why don’t the Democrats get the message out?'” Goldberg said. “I figured out that it’s not the Democrats who are having the problem,” she added. “The media’s not reporting any of this.”

Democrats, along with President Joe Biden, have blamed inflation on corporate greed, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. Goldberg backed up those claims.

“We got some help from the government to make sure we could pay our rent, take care of business, and now you all are raising the prices of stuff when you don’t have to. When you have enough money to lower and still maintain what you got, I don’t understand — like, I don’t — like, I don’t understand. I don’t understand why we have to say, lower the gas prices. You didn’t have to raise them. You were — what the hell?”

Joy Behar blamed the Republicans for “13 recessions” over the last 70 years (Credit: YouTube)

Joy Behar jumped into the conversation, saying, “Blame the media.” Whoopi Goldberg was visibly upset at this point.

“I am blaming them,” Goldberg replied. “This is information that should be out, and it’s not.”

That’s when Behar decided to also blame Republicans. She said that Americans’ focus on the economy ahead of the upcoming elections was “sad and depressing” and argued that people don’t understand what is at stake.

“The Republicans historically have screwed up the economy,” Behar said. “There is some kind of a myth that the Republicans are better at the economy. Every time the Republicans are in office, the deficit goes up,” she alleged. “Then the Democrats have to come in and sweep it all up and fix it up,” Behar claimed. “And they lose because people, like, I don’t know what they’re thinking right now, and then the Dems have to come in and fix it again. That is what’s happening.”

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The ladies of The View discussing the economy (Credit: YouTube)

Americans who watched the segment fired back at Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

“Even Democrat economist Larry Summers, who served as treasury secretary for both the Clinton and Obama administrations warned that Biden’s American Rescue plan was going to cause inflation before it was passed. Biden’s American Rescue Plan was totally unfunded,” wrote one critic via the Fox News website.

“Things must be bad for the Democrats when they attack their greatest asset: legacy media,” said another commenter. “Reality is a stubborn thing. Sooner or later the pain at the pump moves the masses. The Global chaos that is ensuing is the result of bad presidential policies not greedy CEOs.”

Others shared similar sentiments, faulting the federal government’s spending and giving the hosts a lesson on capitalism:

“The federal government’s outrageous spending and printing of money is how we got the inflation,” replied one viewer.

“Clearly [Whoopi & Joy] have no concept of how capitalism works,” said another commenter. “You don’t charge high prices to make more money; you charge as low a price as possible to compete with all other products. Does this really have to be explained to anyone?”

Another remarked, “[Goldberg & Behar] are wrong again. Government excess spending and increased energy prices have fueled inflation. Period.”

“I suspect The View panel is upset Inflation is the #1 priority for the majority of Americans,” commented one Fox News website reader. “And since the View has ignored the issue, they now have to play catch up. Of course, having limited knowledge of the subject, they can’t even make a reasonable argument.”

One critic replied, “Yep, out of control government spending and printing money resulting in runaway inflation is ‘cleaning it up.'”

“Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is $60 million with an annual salary of $6 million paid solely by advertising dollars which drives the costs for all goods and services higher,” remarked another reviewer. “She does not produce anything of value, such as food, clothing, or housing. Her kind does nothing for the economy but drives costs up. Her kind creates inflation.”

The criticisms didn’t stop, proving that the American people are indeed aware of and worried about the state of the economy:

One online observer wrote, “And now you all are raising the prices of stuff when you don’t have to. Gee – you mean all those higher wages they have to pay like $15 hamburger flippers on up the line that corporations shouldn’t make a profit? What did people think was going to happen when wages went up – of course, everything else would go up. Companies are in business to make profits, duh!”

Another commenter summed it up, saying, “They tried blaming corporate profits – it didn’t work. They tried blaming Republicans – it didn’t work. They tried blaming Putin – it didn’t work. They tried blaming oil companies – it didn’t work. They tried blaming gas station owners – it didn’t work. They could try blaming rampant government spending and bad policy decisions, but they won’t do that because that would work.”

While who’s to blame isn’t as important as a fix for the problem, it’s hard to create a solution when you ignore the actual cause. We hope that most Americans know exactly where the problem lies and vote accordingly.