George Clooney Names Threat To Democracy, Gets Blasted By Republicans

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During an interview, George Clooney boldly named a threat to democracy while sharing his concerns about the state of our country. Unfortunately for him, not everyone agreed with his assessment, and he was soon getting blasted by angry Republicans.

George Clooney
George Clooney (Credit: YouTube)

George Clooney has been a very vocal supporter of the Democratic Party for many years. So, it wasn’t a surprise when the Ocean’s Eleven star sat down for an interview with Chris Wallace on his HBO Max show and told the former Fox News host that Republicans are a threat to democracy and responsible for a “coarsening of America.”

According to CNN, Clooney explained his concerns about “the state of the world and US democracy,” saying America is going down the wrong path, especially with its political discourse. He lamented how “everyone jumps up and down and cheers when somebody’s owned,” but instead of keeping the conversation politically neutral, Clooney used Republicans as his main example by focusing on the transfer of illegal immigrants by GOP governors to liberal areas of the country.

Chris Wallace interviews George Clooney (Credit: YouTube)

“Let’s send them without any warning, you know because it’s fun to own the liberals,” Clooney said mockingly about the busing of illegal immigrants to liberal areas. “We’ll send them to Martha’s Vineyard, you know, where Obama’s people [are] and we’ll send them to the Vice President’s house with no warning, no health, no, nothing. So I look at where we are in this sort of coarsening of our discourse, and I find it to be worrying.”

However, some viewers found flaws in his thinking and called it out, including conservative journalist Warner Todd Huston. “Clooney apparently doesn’t remember when his pal Barack Obama rudely dismissed half of the American electorate as people who are ‘bitter clingers’ to their ‘guns and religion,'” wrote Huston. “He must also somehow imagine that in 2016, when Hillary Clinton called half of America ‘irredeemable’ and a ‘basket of deplorables,’ that was somehow not an example of a ‘coarsening of America.'”

George Clooney
George Clooney supported then-Senator Barack Obama in 2006 (Credit: YouTube)

George Clooney also attacked Donald Trump, calling him a womanizer who is so “deeply flawed” that he never thought anyone would vote for him in 2016. “There’s this part of you that just goes, well, that guy shouldn’t be president, but I was wrong,” he said. “And he was and our democracy, I believe, paid a price certainly around the world. And I worry about the possibility [of his re-election.] I don’t think it’s as good as some people are afraid, but I do worry about it.”

Clooney’s remarks about Republicans during his interview with Chris Wallace also caused a backlash among the public, who took to the comments section of news articles as well as social media to mercilessly lambaste Clooney over the remarks.

“[Clooney’s] a rich privileged arrogant clown who lives in Hollywood – which is a bastion of rich privileged clowns. Texas and Florida need to mass bus [those] that keep coming across the border to Hollywood,” wrote one critic.

“Personally, I don’t really give a crap about the Hollywood elites’ opinions. They should keep them to themselves and do what they get paid for – acting,” posted a Twitter user.

George Clooney
George Clooney and his wife Amal sat down for an interview on CBS (Credit: YouTube)

Many blasted George Clooney for parroting a narrative as well as being out of touch with everyday Americans.

“Another Democratic actor reading from the same tired script. I guess if Clooney ever had an original thought in his head, he’d be a writer!” another comment read.

“Says a pampered Hollywood darling who doesn’t have to live in decaying urban and even suburban neighborhoods,” wrote Nicolas K. “Where it’s not safe to walk after dark, where anything you leave outside has a good chance of being stolen, where there are drug-addled bums erecting their tarps all around you. FU Clooney. Just FU. That’s all YOUR party’s fault.”

Another social media user addressed Clooney’s claim that Republicans are somehow a threat to Clooney’s idea of democracy.

“You bet we are you Hollywood goon. We far prefer our Constitutional Republic and will fight for it. We will NOT surrender to your socialist idea of ‘democracy,'” Robyn Parker wrote.

Another commenter questioned George Clooney’s true motives and blasted wealthy liberals who virtue signal.

“Didn’t he spend all this money on a fabulous house on the Thames in London and then had to leave for the safety of America because his wife was being threatened?” wrote another critic. “Limousine liberals, swanning around virtue signaling about how moral and compassionate they are. How safe is America now with the open borders and fentanyl pouring across the border?”

Clooney also said the prospect of former President Donald Trump being re-elected in 2024 is “scary” during his interview on the HBO Max show Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? However, journalist Todd Warner Huston had a different take: “By many reports, Joe Biden has worsened America’s relationship with the rest of the world. Some foreign leaders, for instance, have said they believe that if Donald Trump had been reelected, Russia would never have invaded Ukraine.”