Florida Doctors Arrested For Ripping Down Senior Citizen’s Trump Flag

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Two Florida doctors were arrested after ripping down a senior citizen’s Trump flag. Making matters worse, their kids were along for the crime. It was all caught on video, and one of their children proved to have better morals than mom and dad, who smiled for their booking photos.

Geoffrey Fraiche Florida Doctors Arrested For Ripping Down Senior Citizen Trump Flag
Geoffrey Michael Fraiche and Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche are accused of stealing a Trump flag from a neighbor’s property in Gulf Breeze, Florida. (Photo Credit: Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office)

Geoffrey Michael Fraiche, 41, and Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche, 38, were arrested after they ripped down a pro-Trump flag on a senior citizen’s property on 850 Silver Strand Court in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The Florida couple — both of whom work as doctors according to arrest reports — were busted after their ill-fated political vandalism was caught on 67-year-old David Brannen’s Ring surveillance camera.

In the footage, which was widely circulated on social media, the couple is seen committing their crime with their children in tow, according to the Sun-Sentinel. However, the older child wasn’t in agreement with the plan. “You’re gonna go to jail!” he is heard crying out. “No, don’t do it. You’re gonna go to jail!” the boy warns repeatedly. “Stop it, I don’t want you two going to jail!” he pleads with his parents as they reassure him he shouldn’t worry and tell him and his sibling, who’s in a diaper, not to cry.

According to police, Geoffrey Fraiche and his wife Laura Webb-Fraiche drove up to the private property in a golf cart with their children. The woman began violently shaking the flag pole, according to PNJ, before she is seen grabbing a nearby ladder so her husband could reach the flag while their child implored them to stop. Repeatedly, he expressed his fear that they will go to jail and tried to discourage them from proceeding with the act. Their child’s cries were ignored as their dear dad and mischievous mom continued with the vandalism.

The adults should have listened to the boy. As they complete their crime, the boy somberly says what sounds like, “This is the worst day of my whole life,” as his mother shouts, “Yes, baby, yes!” in celebration of the successful vandalism. As it turns out, the child had better intuition and morals than his parents. Proving just that, both Fraiche and his wife — who reside at 2618 Bay Street, according to South Santa Rosa News — were booked into the Santa Rosa County jail on charges related to the vandalism.

Geoffrey Fraiche Florida Doctors Arrested For Ripping Down Senior Citizen Trump Flag
The home of Geoffrey Michael Fraiche & Laura Webb-Fraiche at 2618 Bay Street. (Photo Credit: Zillow)

According to property owner David Brannen, whose surveillance camera captured the crime, the couple caused about $500 in damage to the base of the flag pole in addition to $200 for the flag itself, WKRG reported. He “decided to press charges not necessarily because of the flag incident itself, but because he was concerned that the parents had committed the theft with their two young children present,” the Sun-Sentinel reported. But, that wasn’t the worst part.

Geoffrey Fraiche allegedly told neighbor Michael Preskitt, who lives next door to the property, that he and his wife were “a little drunk” when they took the flag. “That’s the terrible part of everything,” Preskitt said. “You’re out at 9 or 10 at night, whenever that occurred, you’re intoxicated and you’ve got your children in a vehicle? That just made it even worse.” Indeed, it did, and the pair was charged with a slew of offenses, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Geoffrey Fraiche Florida Doctors Arrested For Ripping Down Senior Citizen Trump Flag
Geoffrey Michael Fraiche and Laura Webb-Fraiche apparently didn’t like looking across the water and seeing their neighbor’s pro-Trump flag. (Photo Credit: Google Maps)

The couple was also charged with trespassing, larceny, and criminal mischief damage to property. Even so, they appeared amused as they seemingly grinned happily in their booking photos, but it’s no laughing matter. According to their arrest reports, both Geoffrey Fraiche and Laura Webb-Fraiche are gynecologists. While Fraiche works at Sacred Heart Hospital, his wife is a gynecologist at West Florida Hospital, which should be of concern.

Although they only received misdemeanor charges and were both released from jail, their criminal mischief should have lasting effects on their reputation. After all, most women aren’t fond of going to a gynecologist who they can’t trust to display the utmost professionalism. One with a criminal record, who’s willing to destroy the personal property of others over political opinions, doesn’t exactly fit the bill of honorable or trustworthy. It certainly doesn’t make them well-respected.

The nearly one million dollar home of Geoffrey Michael Fraiche & Laura Webb-Fraiche at 2618 Bay Street. (Photo Credit: Zillow)

And, as many have said, taking their kids along for the ride only makes them look even worse. “The little boy is begging them to stop,” Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, known for being an enthusiastic supporter of President Donald Trump, tweeted about the incident. “Apparently two medical degrees lack the decency & common sense of a child. Despicable parenting!” We couldn’t agree more.

It really is a shame when a young child has more common sense, decency, and morals than the parents who are supposed to be raising him. Apparently, he came to an important realization that his well-educated parents seemingly missed: There are cameras everywhere so getting away with a crime isn’t easy. In addition, he was well-aware of right and wrong, something his parents’ extensive college education apparently didn’t teach them.