Mama Bear Torches School Over Teacher’s Secret Agenda

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One mother is being described as a “mama bear” after she torched her daughter’s school board — and it was all caught on video. The fed-up mother claimed one teacher had a secret agenda that put her daughter “in harm’s way,” and she wasn’t alone in her outrage.

The mother, who was called a “fed up mama bear,” addressed the Natomas Unified School Board about AP History teacher Gabriel Gipe (Credit: Screenshot)

The Natomas Unified School District in California held a board meeting after a video went viral exposing AP History teacher Gabriel Gipe, who was filmed speaking about Antifa, his Communist ideals, and his plans for his students to become “revolutionaries” for his stated causes. However, this didn’t end well for the radical educator.

“I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” said Gipe, who proudly admitted to politically indoctrinating his students in an undercover video. “I have an Antifa flag on my wall. A student complained about that and said it made them feel uncomfortable. Well, it’s meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable I don’t know what to tell you.” Gipe also admitted to urging students to show up at protests, including right-wing rallies to create “an opposition” for an extra credit assignment, adding that the way to combat teenage apathy is to “scare the f–k out of them.”

Gabriel Gipe
AP History teacher Gabriel Gipe (Credit: Screenshot)

“When asked about his views on the Chinese Communist Party, Gipe explained how lessons from China’s disastrous Cultural Revolution could be applied in the United States,” the California Globe reported. “There are photos of China’s Chairman Mao Zedong posters in Gipe’s classroom, as well as an Antifa flag.” The teacher also used stamps with the images of Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Kim Jung Un to mark completed work from the students, it was reported.

Dozen of parents jammed the auditorium to voice their outrage at the Natomas Unified school board over allegations that the AP History teacher tried to indoctrinate students into his Antifa and Communist ideals. One mother, who is now being called a “mama bear,” held nothing back when it was her turn to speak. “So, to think my very sound-minded daughter would go against me, and my wishes and our values in our home, to be able to go and support this man, and he is putting her in harm’s way,” the fed-up mom began. “What the hell are y’all doing?”

Several students complained that the anti-fascist flag Gabriel Gipe had in his room bothered them, to which Gipe responded that it was supposed to make fascists uncomfortable (Credit: Screenshot)

The angry mom was just getting warmed up in her address to the school board. “My job as her parent is to protect her from anyone who has ill will towards her,” the mom said. “To come out of this classroom that’s disruptive to her well-being. Yes, I have an issue. This is ridiculous. I’m from Texas. Yeah. So, this does not go on in Texas. This does not go on in Texas,” she continued.

“The fact my seventeen-year-old daughter had to come to me and say, ‘you don’t understand, he’s he’s, let me explain.’ This means in 13 days, in two weeks, he was allowed to change my daughter’s mind about this fascist crap that y’all have led in this school,” she added. “How long does it have to go on before somebody says something? Yes, how long? What are you gonna do? That’s the question. Get him outta here. He’s got to go!”

The fed-up “mama bear” wasn’t alone. According to the California Globe, it was apparent the school board did not have control over the emotional board meeting. “I blame the leadership from the top down,” one parent said, “because it’s not an isolated incident.” The same parent said he’d been in his child’s classroom and saw a Planned Parenthood sign in Spanish.

Another parent told the board, “This does not begin and end with him… this went on for years. Complaints were filed and nothing was done.” The parent asked for a full investigation to root this out, not just at Inderkum High School, but in the entire district. “Without warning, my daughter’s Constitutional Law class was changed to a Social Justice class,” he added.

This father told the school board, “There should be only two flags in the classroom,” while pointing to the American and Californian flags. (Credit: Screenshot)

Another concerned community member spoke out. “He was indoctrinating these kids every single day. He was abusing them, scaring them every single day,” a resident of the community, only identified as Christopher, said. “Where the hell was the principal? Where were the vice-principals? Where was the faculty of the school? Where was the superintendent, where was the rest of the district? Where were you? You guys will be held accountable. This is because of you,” he added. “Okay? Gabriel Gipe is a symptom, not the sickness. The sickness is in the district.”

Lance Christensen with the California Policy Center pointed at the teacher’s union as part of the problem. “These teacher unions are cowards,” Christensen said. “While they didn’t show up to defend the revolutionary teacher in the boardroom, you can be sure they are fighting to preserve his job behind the scenes. Teacher unions have so long intimidated school administrators, covering for incompetent — and in this case — dangerous and predatory teachers.”

Gabriel Gipe
AP History teacher Gabriel Gipe wearing a t-shirt with the Communist logo of the hammer and sickle (Credit: Screenshot)

After the heated meeting and the overall outrage in the community, the school board was forced to take action. According to the New York Post, an Antifa-supporting teacher who wanted to indoctrinate students will be fired. Although they didn’t name Gipe in their statement, the Natomas Unified School District acknowledged the video and ensured the proper steps would be taken to “place the teacher on unpaid leave and fire the teacher.”

The district’s statement also acknowledged the concern that the teacher’s objectives had not been addressed earlier, explaining that the current principal of Inderkum High School had only been on the campus for 13 days. Being new to the school, she had “not had the time yet to get to know and assess all 100+ staff members.” Parents are the final authority when it comes to their children, and educators who believe it’s their right to supplant parents with the goal of indoctrinating children with their own personal beliefs and values, go against the law of nature and of God.