Granny Accused Of $1M ‘Smash And Grab’ Crime Spree, Blamed On DA

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A 53-year-old woman has infamously been dubbed “grabbing granny” after she was busted for allegedly taking part in a one million dollar “smash and grab” looting spree. Making matters worse, the uptick in crimes has been blamed on the district attorney and a California law.

Francill White
Francill White (left) and her daughter Kimberly Cherry (right) (Credit: Facebook)

Francill White, a 53-year-old grandmother, made headlines after being arrested for looting a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco. Reports said it was just one of a series of smash and grab raids that turned the city’s posh Union Square into a boarded-up fortress. White’s 28-year-old daughter joined her in what was described as a “mother and daughter crime duo.”

“Grabbing grandmother Francill White, 53, and daughter Kimberly Cherry, 28, were two of five looters nabbed by police over [an incident] that saw thieves make off with more than $1million-worth of designer goods,” Daily Mail reported. “Along with co-accused Tameko Miller, 23, and Ivan Speed, 34, the pair have been charged with four felony counts of looting during a state of emergency, second-degree commercial burglary, grand theft, and receiving stolen property.”

San Francisco Louis Vuitton store during looting spree (Credit: YouTube)

“Video from the San Francisco looting of Louis Vuitton shows criminals walking casually out of the store, goods in hand. In response, many of San Francisco’s luxury stores in its Union Square shopping district boarded up their windows, making the area resemble a blighted neighborhood in Detroit, and embarrassing city leaders,” New York Post reported.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin claimed he is tough on crime, but many living in the Bay area weren’t convinced. “While [Boudin] has claimed that he will deal harshly with looters, the reality is that his reign as DA has ushered in a new level of lawlessness in the Bay area,” Law Enforcement Today reported.

Francill White
Francill White flashes cash while sitting on Harly Davidson motorcycle (Credit: Facebook)

“The spate of lootings has been blamed on ‘woke’ San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin and a 2014 California law that made theft under $950 a misdemeanor. Boudin, who vowed to deal with the looters harshly in a news conference shortly after the raid, has been the subject of protests over his regime which has seen gun crime in the city double over the past year,” Daily Mail explained, adding, “His new rules also include removing mugshots from the public record ‘to avoid perpetuating negative stereotypes’ and making it impossible to obtain criminal records without first getting notarized permission from the crook involved.”

Francill White has a long rap sheet with the 53-year-old’s criminal history dating back 30 years. The alleged career criminal started off by doing a one and half year stint in a California women’s prison for robbing a woman. Next, she “was caught stealing from a branch of department store J.C. Penney in Daly City, California, and was handed another year for that theft,” according to court documents obtained by Daily Mail. 

Francill White
Francill White wearing Louis Vuitton facemask (left), Francill White & daughter Kimberly Cherry (right) (Credit: Facebook)

White’s sentence was extended to three years in 1995 due to her prior convictions, and she was sent back to the Chowchilla women’s prison. The “grabbing granny” took a break from crime in 2011 when she sued the San Francisco School District after she claimed that a teacher stole her daughter’s Twinkies. White got a $30,000 dollar payout, despite her criminal past.

White’s eldest daughter, Kimberly, appears to have followed in her mother’s footsteps. Starting in 2014, Kimberly was convicted of robbing J.C. Penney. She was subsequently busted for shoplifting at Sears, and then, the toy store Buybuy Baby. White’s eldest child also has a record for cocaine possession and for possession of burglar’s tools.

San Francisco’s Mayor London Breed was a huge proponent of Black Lives Matter’s “defund the police” movement. Breed cut $120 million from the budgets of both San Francisco’s police and sheriff’s departments. A spokesperson for the police officers’ union warned the cuts “could impact our ability to respond to emergencies,” New York Post reported.

However, the dramatic uptick of looting and lawlessness in the Bay area caused the mayor to make a fast turnaround. “I’m proud this city believes in giving people second chances,” said Breed. “Nevertheless, we also need there to be accountability when someone does break the law … Our compassion cannot be mistaken for weakness or indifference … I was raised by my grandmother to believe in ‘tough love,’ in keeping your house in order, and we need that, now more than ever.”