VIDEO: Female Cop Savagely Beaten, Watch The Reaction From Citizens

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The shocking moment a female police officer was savagely beaten by a group of men and almost knocked under a bus by a flying kick to her chest was caught on video. But, perhaps more shocking than the brutal assault is what passersby did as it unfolded.

Female Cop Savagely Beaten, Watch The Reaction From Citizens
Screenshot of female cop savagely beaten (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Shocking video footage was captured after two men brutally attacked a policeman and his female colleague. Captured via mobile phone and posted to Twitter, the two officers are seen being beaten by two men in tracksuits and hoodies. The suspects relentlessly punched and kicked both the male and female officers.

The male attackers dragged the policeman away from his patrol car and kicked him, according to Daily Mail. The female officer tried to pull them off her colleague. Sadly, she failed as one of the suspects kicked her to the ground. To the horror of viewers, the suspect nearly knocked the female officer under a bus as he lands a flying kick to her chest.

The clip was recorded by a man in his car at 7:55 pm on a Saturday night as music played in the background. It is believed to have taken place in Merton, which is southwest of London, where the murder count reached 122 over the same weekend this incident occurred. But, perhaps more shocking than the violence is the public’s reaction to seeing a cop savagely beaten.

Not only are scores of people seen walking past without stopping to help the officers, but a bus also drives straight past the chaos, nearly running over a downed officer, without stopping to intervene. Perhaps even more disgusting, the video was uploaded to Twitter with the caption, “South London at night. Lol.” I don’t think the social media user would be “laughing out loud” if the officers involved were their loved ones, though.

Female Cop Savagely Beaten, Watch The Reaction From Citizens
The female officer is nearly kicked under a passing bus. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

As passersby ignored the assault, one heroic moped rider, seen wearing a helmet, finally stepped in to lend a hand. With the help of the good Samaritan, the policeman managed to get the attacker off of him and pinned him down. According to a Met Police spokesman, a 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with causing actual bodily harm (ABH) and assaulting an emergency services worker.

The suspect that was apprehended was also charged with driving without a license or insurance after being stopped by police. Police report that two other men were actually involved, although only one of them is seen in the video footage. They are still at large at the time of this report.

Female Cop Savagely Beaten, Watch The Reaction From Citizens
The heroic moped rider is seen in a helmet, trying to assist officers. (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Although the Twitter user who posted the clip seemly found it funny, other social media users certainly did not. “How people can find this funny is beyond me….. and to film it and not even bother to help!!” one person responded, adding, “These people would be the first to ask for services when needed!” Sharing similar sentiments, another wrote, “Not even the slightest bit funny. If it was the other way round, there’d be riots in the streets lol. Have some respect,” while yet another added, “Shame on you for filming this and not trying to help.”

Indeed, this is no laughing matter, and no one would find it amusing in the least if the roles were reversed. Sadly, it’s becoming a problem all around the world as police officers are not only disrespected and assaulted simply for the uniform they wear. But, law enforcement officers are people too. They deserve to be treated with the same human decency and respect that the public expects from them. Make no mistake, an unprovoked attack on a cop is an attack on civilized society. This kind of chaos shouldn’t be tolerated — let alone laughed at.