Farmers Spot Frantic Horse, Realize Foal Was Trapped in Big Nest of Ants

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Farmers immediately knew something was wrong after seeing the odd way a horse suddenly began behaving. But, it was what they heard coming from a massive ant hole that finally sent them running.

Farmers Puzzled By Frantic Horse, Strange Noises Coming From Ant Hole
Boneca (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Boneca, a pregnant mare on a farm in Brazil’s Sao Gabriel do Oeste, gave a group of men quite the surprise when she became frenzied. They soon noticed something was very different about the frantic horse. As if she was “going crazy” and trying to beg the farmers for help, her behavior was peculiar, to say the least. Then, the men noticed something else amiss.

The frantic mare no longer appeared to be pregnant. Her baby bump was gone, meaning she must have delivered overnight. However, there was no baby in sight. This could only mean one thing: Boneca’s newborn was out there, on the farm somewhere, when the foal should have been with its mother. So, the search was on for the pony as the farmers hoped to find the newborn before it was too late.

Farmers Puzzled By Frantic Horse, Strange Noises Coming From Ant Hole
As the farmers searched for Boneca’s foal, they began to hear a noise coming from an ant hole. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

As they combed the farm, they eventually began to hear strange noises coming from underground. They finally zeroed in on a large ant hole. Although it seemed impossible, they quickly understand what likely happened to Boneca’s baby, and there’s no doubt, their hearts began to pound as the realization sent them running.

It became obvious that the newborn horse had somehow fallen into the ant nest, meaning it was in serious danger and there was no time to waste. So, the men got to work as one of them grabbed a metal hoe and began striking the ground. It was clear he was on a mission to rescue the foal, but would his efforts be a success? It was a precarious situation, to be sure.

“Who would guess he was in a hole of this size!” one of the men says, according to a translation of the video, as another man picks at the ground with the hoe. “We’ll get him out,” he adds before saying, “Careful,” as viewers watch with bated breath as the other man struck the ground with the heavy tool. Viewers are left biting their nails, hoping he wouldn’t mistakenly hit the helpless animal’s head which was buried beneath the earth. “The head! Be careful of his head,” the onlooker exclaims.

“Look at him down there. Look there!” he declares as the foal’s head suddenly comes into clearer view after some more digging. Finally able to reach the newborn horse, the rescuer drops the hoe and grabs ahold of the animal’s legs. With a yank, he pulls the foal out to safety. “There he is! Saved!” the narrator happily announces.

Farmers Puzzled By Frantic Horse, Strange Noises Coming From Ant Hole
After vigorous digging, they are finally able to pull Boneca’s foal to safety. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)
Farmers Puzzled By Frantic Horse, Strange Noises Coming From Ant Hole
The men successfully rescue Boneca’s baby. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

Almost immediately, the foal is reunited with its mother, and a once frantic Boneca is suddenly calmed as she nurses her infant, who must have worked up quite an appetite. “Now he is doing well, already nursing,” the man narrating the video points out. Then, he goes on to explain that the little guy just earned himself the perfect name. “His name will be Ant,” he says.

It looks like this new mother learned a lesson we all discover quickly as parents: Newborns are the source of massive amounts of anxiety. I’m sure, like most human moms, she will be watching her baby’s every blink, breath, and move from here on out since little Ant seems to have a penchant for trouble so early in life.

A once frantic Boneca is calm as she is reunited with her foal. (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/YouTube)

It is no doubt a miracle that the men found Boneca’s baby unharmed, leaving them, the foal, the mare, and viewers alike breathing a sigh of relief. Thankfully, they not only saved the newborn horse but they also captured it all on camera so we can watch and enjoy the amazing, heart-pounding rescue for ourselves.

In a world that’s plagued by bad news, it’s nice to see a story with such a happy ending instead. Don’t forget to bring a smile to someone else’s face by sharing the miraculous rescue with them. Who knew a horse could fall into an ant hole? How big are those buggers in Brazil, anyway? What a nail-biting experience this was, to be sure!

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