VIDEO: Party Girl Pukes On Crowd At Sports Event, Cops Haul Her Away

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While trying to have a good time at a sporting event, several people turned to see what was happening right behind them. That’s when they saw what one disgusting young woman was doing. Cops were called and quickly arrived to make the nasty girl regret what she did.

After Fans Suddenly Feel Wet, Cops Make Renuka Koritala Pay For It
Renuka Koritala with an unnamed friend (Photo Credit: Hashimg)

Renuka Koritala ruined everyone’s good time when the 20-year-old went nuts during a sporting event. When you pay good money for tickets, whether it be for a game, a concert, or something else, Renuka Koritala is the exact type of person you hope doesn’t get seated anywhere near you. Luckily, she didn’t get away with her disgusting antics — and even better, it was all caught on video. But, first, the background information.

Innocent fans were simply trying to enjoy a game at Louisiana State University’s Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night when Renuka Koritala greeted them with a nasty, wet surprise. Just after 10 pm, the LSU student began vomiting on other students in North Section 227 of the stands, WAFB9 reported. Making a bad situation worse, rather than apologizing, Koritala decided to make threats when people complained to her about her puking on them.

After Fans Suddenly Feel Wet, Cops Make Renuka Koritala Pay For It
Renuka Koritala (Photo Credit: YouTube)

After deciding enough was enough, someone called the cops to report the incident. When police arrived on the scene to ask her to leave, Koritala decided to escalate things even further instead. First, she tried to run away, leading cops on a chase through the stands as she tried to evade the law. When police finally caught up with her, she continued to resist arrest. When that didn’t work, she began to assault a cop, kicking one of the officers in his right knee and causing him to fall in the stairway as officers were trying to detain her.

That’s when she was taught just how big of a mistake she had made as several officers gathered around the woman and attempted to subdue her. She screamed, cried, shouted, and physically fought to get away from them as she was forcefully removed from the stands. And, it doesn’t seem anyone had any empathy for her. Making matters worse for the pukey princess, it was all caught on embarrassing video, which won’t be going away for a very long time, thanks to the world wide web.

Officers were forced to execute a fireman’s carry to remove Renuka Koritala from the stadium to prevent her from hurting herself or others, according to the probable cause report. She was dragged out of the game, kicking and screaming all the way, shouting obscenities, and making threats — all while those around her applauded, happy to see the trash get taken out.

Sadly, this didn’t deter Koritala’s bad behavior. In fact, after being physically removed, she freed her leg and kicked the same officer a second time. The obnoxious and violent drunk was eventually taken to the booking room and advised of her Miranda rights. A search was performed, and a clear medicine bottle was found, according to Daily Mail.

After Fans Suddenly Feel Wet, Cops Make Renuka Koritala Pay For It
Renuka Koritala (Photo Credit: YouTube)

The bottle contained marijuana, proving just how little judgment Renuka Koritala had in her impaired state since anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it’s not a good idea to kick a cop, but it’s even worse to kick a cop twice when you have marijuana on your person.

But, that’s not all. Drug paraphernalia was also found. So, this student chose to assault a cop while having weed and a smoking pipe in her possession. What could have ended with nothing more than a bad hangover instead resulted in Koritala being transported to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

After Fans Suddenly Feel Wet, Cops Make Renuka Koritala Pay For It
Renuka Koritala (Photo Credit: East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office)

Renuka Koritala was booked on charges of possession of marijuana, resisting an officer, possession of drug paraphernalia, and battery of a police officer, according to The Daily Reveille. All this because she didn’t know when enough was enough. Go home, Renuka Koritala, you’re drunk.

Although it’s not been reported, I think it’s safe to assume she quickly regretted not leaving the stadium the moment it became evident she was having trouble holding her liquor. Instead, she decided to set an example — a bad one. This is what happens when you choose to drink excessively, especially in public. Here’s some really basic advice: If you start puking, it’s time to go home.