Woman Thrown Out Of NY Restaurant When Owner Sees Her ‘Offensive’ Hat

Esther Levy was thrown out of the Cancun Inn restaurant in Sugar Loaf, New York, and it was because of her “offensive” hat. Check out what she was wearing and decide for yourself whether she deserved such treatment.

Esther Levy Thrown Out Of Cancun Inn In NY For Wearing Trump Hat
The Cancun Inn (Photo Credit: Cancun Inn Restaurant/Facebook)

According to Esther Levy, she was kicked out of the Cancun Inn for wearing a baseball cap with President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan: Make America Great Again. “We were about to place our order with the waitress when she was summoned by the co-owner and told to not serve us and say we had to leave right away,” wrote Levy in a Facebook post.

“The co-owner threw us out while screaming at me that he does not serve Trump supporters and we have to leave right away and never come back,” Levy added. The 61-year-old Trump supporter told Daily Mail that she is “still in shock and can barely eat or sleep since the incident.” The Cancun Inn is a Mexican restaurant, so it has been assumed that the reason for the co-owner’s alleged action is due to President Donald Trump’s controversial rhetoric surrounding Mexico and Mexicans.

Esther Levy Thrown Out Of Cancun Inn In NY For Wearing Trump Hat
Esther Levy, 61, in her Make America Great Again hat. (Photo Credit: Esther Vivien Levy/Facebook)

On the campaign trail, Trump claimed that Mexico is “dumping” its worst citizens including “rapists and drug dealers” at the U.S. border. He later added that he’s “proud” to know “many hard-working Mexicans — many of them are working for and with me…and, just like our country, my organization is better for it.” However, he made sure to state that those people legally emigrated to the U.S.

Trump also vowed that as president he would curtail illegal immigration by forcing Mexico to pay for a border wall. He said he would do this by threatening to cut off payments that immigrants send back home to their country of birth. The controversial 1,000-mile border fence was a key topic during his presidential campaign and has remained atop his list of priorities during his presidency.

President Donald Trump speaks to his supporters. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

The Cancun Inn disputes Esther Levy’s claim that she was thrown out of the New York eatery for being a Trump supporter and says that they would never “discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, gender, sexual preference or political beliefs.” The restaurant claims that their treatment of Levy had nothing whatsoever to do with her hat, but that she was intoxicated and rude to their staff.

The owner of the family-run restaurant, which has received criticism on social media since Levy made her claim, said in a statement, “There was an unfortunate situation that was brought to my attention yesterday where claims of discrimination were made by patrons of the restaurant. An employee of ours asked the patrons to leave because they were being rude to the staff and rowdy due to intoxication.”

Esther Levy Thrown Out Of Cancun Inn In NY For Wearing Trump Hat
A statement from the owner of Cancun Inn explained that he was “personally looking into the facts” and would like to speak with the customers involved in the alleged incident. (Photo Credit: Cancun Inn Restaurant/Facebook)

The owner explained that he was “personally looking into the facts” and would like to speak with the customers involved. “We’ve always treated our customers with the utmost respect and dignity — we have always treated them as one of the family. This business is our livelihood; something we’ve built from the ground up 25 years ago and take these allegations made against us very seriously,” he said.

Levy fired back on Facebook, saying that “all we did was sit quietly at the table where we were seated… when our waitress approached to take our orders — then she was summoned and I could hear a bellowing voice telling her not to serve us.” Her story has resonated with social media users from both sides of the aisle who can identify with being discriminated against for their political beliefs. Indeed, it seems that the hardest thing to do these days is agree to disagree when it comes to politics.